Online training

4-H Volunteer Orientation Training
Missouri 4-H requires volunteers to attend a one-time volunteer orientation. In-person trainings are offered throughout the year in each county or region. In-person trainings are preferred; however, when absolutely necessary, volunteers may take the online training with a required quiz. For the login/password, contact the Webster County Extension Center or 4-H Youth Program Assistant Jeannie Moreno.

4-H Poultry Judging Practice
This website was developed by the University of Florida to help those wishing to participate in poultry judging learn how to properly evaluate egg-producing hens and to apply USDA standards in grading ready-to-cook poultry and eggs. It is intended for use at the local, state and national levels in training poultry judging teams.

Show Me Quality Assurance Program (SMQA)
This training is required for anyone planning to show livestock at the Ozark Empire Fair or Missouri State Fair. Training covers good management practices in the handling and use of animal health products, and encourages producers to review their approach to their herds' health programs.

Estrus Synchronization Courses
Understanding estrus is basic to understanding and using most of the new beef technologies. This beef reproduction curriculum from MU Extension teaches the detection of estrus, the reproduction cycles in cows and heifers, and herd management practices on a beef farm.

HALTER - Level One
Horse Adult Leader Training and Educational Resource (HALTER) Level One provides learners with the opportunity to learn equine science material while adapting this knowledge for use in youth programs to foster positive youth development.