Master Gardeners

In 2003, Warren County held its first Master Gardener program. Since that time, the Master Gardeners have taken on several community projects. One of those projects include maintaining the landscaping and grounds around the Schowengerdt Historical Home in Warrenton. 

photo: Schowengerdt Historical Home

Schowengerdt Historical Home in Warrenton,
a Master Gardener project

Master Gardeners are individuals who enjoy learning and sharing their gardening knowledge with others. There are no prerequisites to participate in Master Gardener training, except to have an interest in gardening, a willingness to learn and a desire to give back to local communities through volunteer service and education.

After completing training, Master Gardeners expand the reach of University of Missouri Extension using research-based horticultural information to answer gardening questions in their local communities.

The Warren County Master Gardeners meet the second Tuesday of the month at the extension center to learn and to share project ideas and opportunities. 

We are proud to announce that the Master Gardener training course is now available online at:

Spring Lawn Care - Aeration, Fertility and Crabgrass Control (PDF)


Train online to be a Missouri Master Gardener

For any questions please contact the Warren County Extension Center 636-456-3444


October Garden To-Do List

It’s autumn already - it seems like summer just flew by! Maybe now it’s time to think about putting the garden to bed. Do you recall all those great ideas you had this spring and summer? Well, now is the time to retrieve them from the corners of your brain and give them serious consideration. Here are some memory joggers to get you started.

General cleanup: Do needed housekeeping chores first! Get rid of old vines, dead plants and lingering weeds. Don’t give bad bugs and disease a place to hibernate over the winter. Your option is to wait until spring and then attempt to include all your new brilliant ideas with the old clutter.

Soil test: If your garden soil hasn’t been tested within the last 5 years - take a good sample to the Missouri Extension Office (Phone: 636-456-3444) for evaluation.

Unused seeds: Take a close look at the seeds you didn’t use this year. And include those you didn’t use last year and the year before that, etc. Now put on your thinking cap and pitch out the hangers-on! Store unused seeds in an airtight jar.

Lawn maintenance: It’s part of your garden, too. Now is an ideal time to have it aerated and fertilized to promote over-winter root growth. Don’t procrastinate until spring. And get the mower serviced while you’re at it.

Next year’s plan: Now is a good time to evaluate this year’s plan with what you want to accomplish down the road. Include the good, bad and just plain ugly. You will have plenty of time to revise this rough draft over the course of the months ahead – so don’t aim for perfection just yet.

Consider no-till: Think about retiring your garden tiller. Why not just get a load of compost to cover your whole garden area and let the earthworms do their magic with the rest?

Get help: If you already know everything – skip this item. But if you have lingering questions – ask for help! Your local Master Gardener group is a good place to start (Phone: 636-456-3444).