Master Gardeners

In 2003, Warren County held its first Master Gardener program. Since that time, the Master Gardeners have taken on several community projects. One of those projects include maintaining the landscaping and grounds around the Schowengerdt Historical Home in Warrenton. 

photo: Schowengerdt Historical Home

Schowengerdt Historical Home in Warrenton,
a Master Gardener project

Master Gardeners are individuals who enjoy learning and sharing their gardening knowledge with others. There are no prerequisites to participate in Master Gardener training, except to have an interest in gardening, a willingness to learn and a desire to give back to local communities through volunteer service and education.

After completing training, Master Gardeners expand the reach of University of Missouri Extension using research-based horticultural information to answer gardening questions in their local communities.

We are proud to announce that the Master Gardener training course is now available online at:


Train online to be a Missouri Master Gardener


August Garden To-Do List  

Fall crops: Start fall crops like beets, carrots, lettuce and broccoli.

Water: Continue to deep-Water trees and shrubs if rainfall is sparse.

Cuttings: Take cuttings from plants like coleus and geraniums to over-winter indoors in perlite, peat moss or potting soil.

Bulbs: Start your plan for planting fall bulbs.

Daylillies: Dig and divide daylilies now.  After digging, divide by gently pulling the divisions from the main clump.

Roses: Note which roses performed well this year and which ones you will want to replace next spring.

Insects: Clean out bagworms and tent caterpillars from trees.

Pruning: Prune raspberries and blackberry canes that produced fruit this year.

Summer harvest: Harvest potatoes when vine tops yellow and die off.  Let them cure for 7-10 days before storing.

For any questions please contact the Warren County Extension Center 636-456-3444