County extension council

The county extension council, comprised of elected and appointed citizens, is a full partner with Missouri's land-grant universities to deliver high-quality education and research-based information that helps people solve real-world problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Council members:

  • Work with extension specialists to provide the county educational program
  • Manage finances of local extension operations
  • Provide personnel to carry out extension activities
  • Elect and organize the local extension council

Council resource toolbox

The council resource toolbox is designed to assist council members and officers to best carry out their office duties and serve the constituents that they represent.

The Warren County Extension Council normally meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at the extension center. The public is invited to attend. We recommend calling ahead of time to confirm time and locations.

County extension council officers

Bill Miller, Chair
636-488-2253 (home)
Term ends February 2019

Eric Kopmann, Vice Chair
636-932-4215 (home)
636-358-4986 (cell)
Term ends February 2019

Anita Brace, Secretary
636-932-4414 (home)
636-359-0016 (cell)
Term ends February 2020

Delanna Branson, Treasurer
636-359-0174 (cell)
Term ends February 2019

County extension council members

Rick Brandt
Term ends February 2020

Kelly Colbert
636-673-2441 (home)
636-734-6847 (cell)
Term ends February 2019

Robert Green
636-235-1119 (cell)
Term ends February 2019

Marie Hollenbeck
Term ends February 2019

Amy Mergelmeyer
636-221-1538 (cell)
Term ends February 2019

Stuart Schwartz
636-597-3535 (home)
Term ends February 2020

Shelia Short
636-745-2243 (home)
Term ends February 2019

Laura Zimmer
636-357-9961 (cell)
Term ends February 2020

Missouri elected officials serving this county


District 042
District 063


District 10