Bright and Bold Regional Energizer in Ozark, Saturday January 12

National Youth Science Day - Code Your World (youth workbook) (facilitator guide) (order kit)

2018 State, Regional, and County Fairs

2018 Missouri State Fair Photography Exhibit Guidelines

2018 State Fair Letter

2018 Missouri State Fair Guidelines

  • We are asking that all scrapbooks follow the guidelines listed for AC315.  This will give fairgoers a better opportunity to actually see what is in the scrapbook.
  • Educational Display depth is going back to 6 inches.  
  • We are asking that exhibit tags be attached to perishable items such as food, vegetables and crops.  For the last couple of years we have had someone at the fair take pictures of these items and the photos have been posted to our website.  The photos have been very popular and we plan to continue that process.  Having exhibit tags attached to the items makes identifying the exhibitor easier for our photographer.  Tags will be removed after photos have been taken and before items are displayed.
  • We have increased the number of boxes allowed for counties mailing exhibits from two to five.  Counties will still be responsible to pay shipping to and from the fair.
  • Since photos are being taken at the fair, we no longer ask for counties or families to send in photos of foods exhibits.
  • Significant changes have been made to the photography guidelines.  See 2018 Missouri State Fair Photography Exhibit Guidelines for changes.

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