4-H clubs

To join

Interested in joining 4-H? Use this list to find a club near you. Annual dues are $25.

Visit the enrollment page to get you started!  http://4h.missouri.edu/enroll/index.htm

St. Francois County clubs

Bear Creek Kidz Club
Club leaders: Alisha Carrow, racarrow@hotmail.com or 573-701-2514,
Sarah Falch, 573-631-6734

Bismarck Wild Indians Club
Club leaders: Sue Gillam, bsgillam@sbcglobal.net or 573-734-2585 

Farmington Farmers
Club Leader: Matt & Nikki Gray, meg1980mg@gmail.com or 573-210-7923

Lab:Revo Club
Club leaders: Ann Boesannboes2007@gmail.com or 573-734-2324
Sam Scott 573-225-4420

Ozark Rough Riders Club
Club leaders: Kathryn Lewis, kvl7088@gmail.com or 573-915-7225 & Kassidy Herbst Tiefenauer, krhfy6@gmail.com

Purple Clovers Club
Club leaders: Amanda Crader, cradera@missouri.edu or 573-756-4539 and Amy Heberlie aheberlie@westco.k12.mo.us or 573-631-4012

Saddle Creek Club
Club leader:  Patrick Sullivan, 573-631-8783

Salem Club
Club leader: Kate Murphy, monaviegirl22@hotmail.com or 573-330-6606

Sunrise Green Dragons Club
Club leader: Shelly Crader, shellycrader@hotmail.com or 573-576-3809

St. Francois County Club
Club leader:  Kendra Graham, 573-756-4539

Wild Bunch Club
Club leader: Shannon Chandler,  shanchandler45@gmail.com 

Wranglers 4-H Club
Club leader:  Kylie Mitchell, kyliem@belgradestatebank.com or 573-327-7011