Parkland Beekeepers

Parkland Beekeepers is a group of individuals in St. Francois County that enjoy the art of beekeeping. The group meets monthly the third Tuesday of every month. You do not have to be a member to attend.

Parkland Beekeepers sponsor a class in the winter for newcomers to the hobby and some advanced classes for those with experience who would like to brush up on their skills. 



Parkland Beekeepers Association

Honey Bee Swarms?

Contact a Parkland Beekeeper for some help!

Larry Moses 573-218-8688  Ironton
James Johnson 573-330-6499 Farmington
Gregg Hitchings 573-697-5713 Belleview
Mary Reed 573-305-6511 Farmington
Wayne Sansoucie  
Bill Bennett 573-546-0707  
Ray Politte  
(573) 631-8236
John Hausmann (573) 734-1198  
Larry Bowles (573) 760-1326  
Jerry Bachmann (573) 372-1976 Fredericktown
Curtis Draper (573) 315-8389 Mineral Point
Stephanie Brewer (573) 576-1212


David Gremminger (573) 518-4269 Farmington