For faculty and staff

What to communicate about MU Extension

9/2013 Partners Make Learning Possible brochure, 2013 (PDF)
Summary of top twenty state and federal grants currently supporting extension programming.
See also: detailed grants and contracts reports

9/2013 Value of Extension Volunteers (PDF)

5/22/13 Top 10 (PDF)
Top 10 impacts, prepared for Legislative Day 2013

5/22/13 Budget Summary Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF)

Public value messages about MU Extension programs

5/22/13 Reliable, Responsive, Relevant to Today’s Needs (PDF)  (updated)
Two-page document describes how MU Extension is aligned with the greatest needs in the state and is continually changing to address future needs.

1/11/13 Council districts proposal
The MU Extension State Extension Council has prepared a brief on the proposed council districts law, a PowerPoint presentation for educating stakeholders about the proposal, and the top ten reasons for this change in Missouri state law. The documents are available on the state extension council page

8/8/13 Pride Points

1/28/13 Mizzou Advantage fact sheet (PDF)

3/9/12 MU Extension is a Major Driver of Jobs (PDF) | (DOCX)

3/23/12 Program Impacts (PDF) | DOCX
MU Extension programs impact Missouri’s economy and improve quality of life. See impacts

12/16/2010 MU Extension: The University of Missouri in Your Community (PDF) | (PUB)
This publication template is to be localized for specific counties, regions or legislative districts. The front page gives a statewide view; the back page is for local information. The publication is designed for use with key stakeholders, such as legislators and county government officials.

4/21/10 Missouri Master Gardeners: Greening up Communities (DOCX)
Impact statement  about MMG program.

4/9/2010 Budget reductions (DOCX)
How have budget reductions impacted MU Extension? See a high-level set of bullet points regarding the toll of budget cuts over the last number of years.

4/9/2010 Local needs drive MU Extension priorities and programs (PDF)
Local needs drive MU Extension priorities and programs — summary regarding the program priority setting process undertaken within extension to ensure limited resources are used to address the most pressing educational issues facing our state.

MU Extension Statewide Annual Reports
Statewide annual reports are available for online reading or download.

County annual reports
All politics are local. Use your county annual report to inform officeholders about University of Missouri Extension benefits for county residents.
To view county annual reports, visit a county page and click on "Plans and reports" in the left navigation.

MU Extension organizational chart

University of Missouri’s impact on counties is far-reaching. Print copies of the UM System University Relations District Datasheets, and provide this valuable information to legislators and other decision makers.

University of Missouri Extension, Building a Bridge to Community Learning (PDF)
Document explaining the meaning and value of being a Land-Grant institution and cooperative extension service. Also includes program profiles for Agriculture, 4-H Youth, Business Development, Continuing Education, Human Environmental Sciences and Community Development.  — updated 3/16/09