Developing communications products

Before you design a brochure, open a Facebook account or produce any communications product, use the "Communications planning guide" to identify the best communications products for your needs. A little planning up front will save you time in the long-run and make your end product more effective.

After you have completed the planning guide, use the development guides to design and produce specific communications products.

These guides are designed to be used for small to medium projects developed outside of the communications and marketing office. For help with larger projects, official extension publications or product offerings, please see our available services.

Communications guides

Communications planning guide (coming soon)

Communications products work best when they are considered as part of a set of goals and communication opportunities. This guide will walk you through a practical process to plan effective communications products (e.g. brochures, videos, blogs, Web pages) that support your work.

Guides specific to print, social media and blogging are coming soon.