Reasonable accommodations

MU Extension regional specialists, faculty or staff who are attempting to determine reasonable accommodations must review each case separately. It is important to remember that a reasonable accommodation is one that avoids discrimination and allows equal access, but does not result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of its program or activity or in undue financial and administrative burdens. This determination can only be made by the head of the public entity, or his or her designee, and must be accompanied by a written statement of the reasons for reaching that conclusion.

The determination that undue burdens would result must be based on all resources available for use in the program. If an action would result in such an alteration or such burdens, the public entity must take any other action that would not result in such an alteration or such burdens but would nevertheless ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the benefits and services of the program or activity.

"All reasonable efforts" refers to a set of procedures required to be used and their documentation kept to demonstrate that federally funded programs or activities have been made available to the maximum possible potential audience of a given locale or area. Three steps are mandated in these procedures: 

  • Use of all available mass media
  • Use of personal and/or circular letters
  • Use of personal contacts by official personnel

The minimum reasonable effort required by county extension faculty and staff members includes the following items:

  • Use of all available mass media, including radio, newspaper and television, to inform potential recipients of the program and of opportunity to participate
  • Personal letters and circulars addressed to defined potential recipients inviting them to participate, including dates and places of meetings or other planned activities
  • Personal visits by the county extension faculty and staff member(s) to a representative number of defined potential recipients in the geographically defined area to encourage participation