FFA Alumni Coon Hunt

The Schuyler FFA Alumni is sponsoring a coon hunt on Saturday, November 25, 2017 from 5:00 to 11:00 pm. The event will be held at the Queen City Community Building at the Queen City Park. This event is open to all and teams are not required to have an FFA member with them.  Coons will be checked to insure they are from that evening.  Funds raised from the event go towards youth scholarships.  Cash prizes will be given to teams who have the most coons, the biggest coon, and the smallest coon. There will be other prize drawings and a skinning contest at the end of the evening.  We do have local hunting locations for out of county hunters if they let us know in advance.  For more information: Contact Darla Campbell at 660-216-2972, 660-457-3469, or campbelld@missouri.edu.

Governmental Boards Training To Be Offered

            Do you serve on a public board and wonder what your responsibilities really are? Are there resources you can get to assist you in learning more about your role? There will be a training series called “Serving on Public Boards” that will be held on November 9th and November 16th (one program, 2 nights) from 6 to 9 pm in your choice of 6 locations. They will be at the EPN Room at the Putnam County High School in Unionville (803 South 20th Street), Brookfield Area Career Center ITV Room in Brookfield (122 North Pershing Drive – behind the school); Geyer Hall – Room 208 at the North Central Missouri College in Trenton (1301 Main Street); the Knox County High School in Edina (55701 State Hwy 6); the Clark County Extension Center Conference Room in Kahoka (111 East Court) and the Marion County Extension Center in Palmyra (111 South Main, Suite 201). These are being done via Skype so you can speak to the presenters just like you’re at their location. Pre-registration is required by November 6th and can be sent to the Putnam County Extension Office at Courthouse Room 104, Unionville, Missouri 63565 or the local site where you’re attending.

            The November 9thsession will include: Introduction and questions on Missouri’s Sunshine Law and Fiscal Responsibilities of Boards. The session on November 16th will discuss: Board Procedures and Personnel Policies – why you want it in writing - what it means to our board, University Extension Resources for Boards  and Dealing with Sunshine Law Requests from Individuals and the Media and Record Retention
            Why a training session for public governmental boards? “Many of our local governmental boards receive very little or no training and yet we as a public expect them to carry out large responsibilities and this meeting is designed to assist them in that respect” says Joe Koenen, Agricultural Business Specialist with University of Missouri Extension who is helping coordinate this program. “It will help them better understand their role on the board and to know what resources are available to them if they have questions and concerns later on” Joe said. “The program was offered in the past and was very well received”.  
            What is a public governmental board? In Missouri, if you receive taxpayer money or even grants from taxpayer money then you are no doubt a public board. The governmental public boards that should be interested in this would include ambulance, fair, fire protection, health department, nursing home, public water supply and Soil & Water Conservation (SWCD) districts; 9-1-1, hospital, library, school boards, township, and village boards; City  and Extension councils; and County Commissioners. Other boards may be interested and are welcome as well.
            If you would like more information or to pre-register (space is limited), contact the Putnam County Extension Office at 947-2705 or
koenenj@missouri.edu for all 6 locations.