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GH5939, Reviewed October 1993

Simple Home Repairs: Exterior Painting

Patricia Klobe
Department of Environmental Design

A house needs repainting if the paint is blistering, cracking, scaling or peeling or if the wood or metal is deteriorating.

What you will need

How much paint? What kind?

Determine the type and amount of paint required. Measure the length and multiply to determine how many square feet you need to cover. Subtract for large openings such as picture windows and sliding glass doors. The paint container will tell how much surface the paint will cover. If mildew has been a problem, get a paint with a mildew inhibitor.

Prepare the surface

Get ready to paint

Several thin coats of paint look better and last longer than fewer thick coats.

Applying the paint

Avoid hazards

Your benefits

Painting protects surfaces from deterioration and helps avoid more costly repairs are avoided later.

This guide was reprinted from the United States Department of Agriculture publication, Program Aid number 1193, Extension Service.
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