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AGW1012, Reviewed February 2009

Controlling Rodents After a Flood

Robert A. Pierce
Extension Fish and Wildlife Specialist
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Flooding displaces many rodents from their natural habitat. As a result, these animals are seeking areas that can provide food and shelter, such as homes, sheds, barns and other buildings.

Structures damaged by the floods are particularly attractive and provide easy access to rodents. The unwelcome pests can damage property and, in extreme cases, pose a potential health problem.

Rats and mice


Traps, including No. 0 or 1 leghold traps, box traps and cage traps, can be used to catch squirrels. Regular rat-size traps will catch flying squirrels. Good baits are: apples, cracked corn, pecans removed from the shell, peanut butter and sunflower seeds. Because squirrels are game animals, check with wildlife conservation agents in your area before placing traps for squirrels.

For more information on controlling nuisance rodents, contact your local MU Extension Center.

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