Southwest Missouri Beef Conference and Trade Show

University of Missouri Extension will host the 12th annual Southwest Missouri Beef Conference and Trade Show on Thursday, November 14 from 4:30-8:30 pm at McKenna Hall, 1405 W. Fair Play Street, Bolivar. "It is a challenging time to be in the cattle business," said Wesley Tucker, with the University of Missouri Extension.  Presentations include an innovative way to cheaply feed your cattle in the winter,  industrial hemp, fencing management tips for increased forage utilization, and information from the ag census about Polk County Producers. The cost to attend the workshop is $5 and that includes a beef dinner.  Please RSVP to the Polk County Extension Center at 417-326-4916 by Tuesday, Nov. 12. 

Tax Workshop in Bolivar November 18

This is an opportunity to learn about tax issues and changes affecting farmer/ranchers and families.   Issues to be covered include Individual Issues, Agriculture Issues, State Tax Issues.  The workshop will be held at the Polk County Extension Center, 110 E Jefferson, Bolivar. There is no cost to attend but pre-registration is required by calling the Polk County Office at 417-326-4916.  Wesley Tucker, Polk County Extension University of Missouri  Ag Business Specialist will facilitate the workshop in Bolivar and be available to answer questions.  The workshop will also be held on November  7 in Lebanon and Osceola.  Call the Polk County office for details.

Focus on Kids November 26 in Polk County

Focus on Kids co-parenting classes teach parents how to nurture and support their children during and following a divorce. The class is led by Kyleigh Sullivan, Field Specialist in Human Development.  Classes are held every other month in Polk County.  They are also held in adjoining counties at various times throughout the month.  Cost of the classes is $45.  To register for the November 26 class contact the Polk County Extension Center, 417-326-4916.  The class is held at the Polk County Extension Center, 110 E Jefferson from 5:30-8:00 pm.  

Cash Rental Rate Guide

The latest edition of the Cash Rental Rate guide is now available.  Contact us at 417-326-4916 to obtain your copy or click on this link  2018 Cash Rental  Rates

Private Pesticide Applicators Certification

Is available at the Extension office.  We prefer you call the office at 417-326-4916 to set up an appointment.  It takes approximately 2 hours 20 minutes to view the DVD to become certified.  Cost of the training is $25 per person.

Soil testing

Don’t guess. Soil tests save time and money.

Soil testing is the best guide to the wise and efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments, said Manjula Nathan, director of the University of Missouri Extension Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services.

Whether you grow acres of row crops or have a vegetable patch in the backyard, a soil test will provide you with an analysis of nutrients and a set of recommendations for any improvements. 

“We frequently get questions from customers like, ‘I apply fertilizer every year. How come my plants are not doing well?’” Nathan said.

“Most of the time the problem is they never have done a soil test, but have been guessing on fertilizer requirements,” she said. “They do not realize that by guessing they are wasting money by over- or underapplication, and the excess fertilizer can end up in streams, ponds and underground water, polluting the environment.” 

Cost for soil testing in Polk County is $18 per sample.

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