"Show-Me Better Health with Diabetes"

Program Information

Show-Me Better Health with Diabetes Is a program designed to provide you with practical information and skills needed to self-manage diabetes and promote optimal health. The program covers many aspects of diabetes self-care.

So, what does the class teach me?

  • Ways to manage pain, fatigue, and frustrations involving this disease.
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy diet and blood sugar levels.
  • The importance of foot care and physical activity.
  • How to effectively communicate with health care physicians and your loved ones.

The sessions use hands-on activities to encourage discussion and sharing among all participants.

Upcoming Classes

Information on future classes to be announced.

For More Information Contact

Melissa Cotton
Nutrition & Health Education Specialist


Eat Well, Be Well is designed to enhance, not replace, diabetes
education provided by certified diabetes educators or other qualified health
professionals. This program does not provide individualized meal plans,
nutrition counseling or medical advice for participants.