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MWPS18S2, Manure Storages: Manure Management Systems Series

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Manure Storages: Manure Management Systems Series

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MidWest Plan Service

This second book of the "Manure Management System Series" covers six major topics: Selecting a type of manure storage. Sizing a storage facility and controlling runoff. Choosing and preparing a site. Constructing earthen impoundments. Monitoring and managing a manure storage facility. Following proper procedures when abandoning and closing an earthen storage facility.

Nine equations; 31 illustrations; 23 tables; 18 problem-solving examples; and four appendixes of maps, worksheets, forms, and facility capacity data complete the thorough discussion.


  • Principles of good stewardship
  • Good management
  • Sound design
  • Construction practices


  • 115

MWPS18S2 Manure Storages: Manure Management Systems Series | University of Missouri Extension