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Rules for Missouri Townships


Parenthetical numbers in the text refer to sections of the current Revised Statutes of Missouri, abbreviated as RSMo.

VI. Collector powers and duties

Office eliminated

The 2005 Missouri General Assembly passed legislation eliminating the office of township collector, effective March 1, 2007. The essence of the change is that the county treasurer ex officio collector is re-titled collector-treasurer and assumes the duties of the township collectors. The duties are to be done in the same manner as by the county collector in a non-township organized county unless there is a specific legislative requirement to the contrary.

Fees changed

The creation of certain new fees provides funding for the new arrangement, in lieu of the fees previously collected by the township collector. The township collector's fees are eliminated.

The collector-treasurer is to collect the following fees for the county:

  • Less than $5 million in taxes
    3 percent of the amount of taxes levied
  • $5 million to $9 million in taxes
    2.5 percent of the amount of taxes levied
  • $9 million to $13 million in taxes
    2 percent of the amount of taxes levied
  • $13 million in taxes
    and up 1.5 percent of the amount of taxes levied

In addition, the county collector-treasurer is to collect one-half of 1 percent on all fees and taxes to pay for mailing statements and receipts.

The collector-treasurer's salary is the same as the salary specified for the treasurer ex officio collector. Each collector-treasurer is entitled to at least one deputy, to be funded at a level no less than that of other county employees.

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