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   >>> Hay Moisture/Temperature Fire Hazard Warning Dr. Sarah Kenyon 7/30/19

   >>>Stockpile tall fescue for your winter cattle feeding program  Patrick Davis 7/22/19

          Blister Beetles Have Been Found in the Area Dr. Sarah Kenyon 7/11/19
          > Blister Beetles -
K-State Research and Extension Publication
          > Insect ManagementK-State Research and Extension Publication

   >>> Japanese Beetles Have Arrived in the Ozarks, Time to Mount a Defense Kelly McGowan 7/5/19 

   >>> True Armyworms Have Been Found in the Region Dr. Sarah Kenyon 6/20/18

            Guide Sheet> Controling Armyworms in Tall Fescue Dr. Sarah Kenyon 5/9/18

            Video> How to Scout for Army Worms Jill Scheidt 6/5/19           

   >>> Tall Fescue Toxin Concentrations in Hay and Silage Dr. Sarah Kenyon 5/8/18


Beef Newsletter: Production and management tips for beef producers. Written by Eldon Cole, Livestock Specialist in Lawrence County

South Central Missouri Ag Newsletter: Quarterly online newsletter for ag producers. Written by Dr. Sarah Kenyon, Field Specialist in Agronomy  and Elizabeth Picking, Field Specialist in livestock along with Ted Probert, Wright County Dairy  Specialist and  Eric Meusch , Agriculture Educator, Texas County

Action in Agroforestrymonthly newsletter of the MU Center for Agroforestry. It focuses on Center affiliates and staff and recognizes awards and honors and discusses research, outreach and the impact of the Center. edited by Michael Gold and Hannah Hemmelgarn

Weekly Livestock Market Update with Scott Brown: Weekly Podcast by Scott Brown, the associate extension professor in the Division of Applied Social Sciences and the director of strategic partnerships for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri

University of Missouri Extension Beef Resource Guide
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University of Missouri Crop Resource Guide
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Missouri Department of Agriculture Market News Hay Directory
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Farm Land Values 2018 and beyond
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