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An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention is a curriculum resource to educate adolescents and young adults about preconception health concerns.

Students in Missouri schools are learning about the preventive factor of birth defects related to folic acid in the diet, and alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy. An Ounce of Prevention:  Addressing Health Issues of Adolescents and Young Adults is a curriculum targeting adolescents.

The curriculum includes: teacher background information and resources to enhance the instruction of preconception health, birth defects and prenatal diagnosis in high school family and consumer sciences, health, and/or biology classes. Its development was based on a need identified by Missouri teachers for an organized curriculum written from current, research-based information.

Recently revised by MU Extension Publications, the curriculum can be ordered at this address:

MU Extension Publications
University of Missouri, 2800 Maguire Blvd.,
Columbia, MO 65211.

Call toll free:  1-800-292-0969. Order online:  

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