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Selling Local Foods in Missouri course begins July 11, Blue Springs


Curt Wohleber
University of Missouri Extension
Phone: 573-882-5409

Published: Monday, June 12, 2017

Story source:

Jeff Samborski, 816-252-5051

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension in Jackson County is hosting a four-session course on “Selling Local Foods,” beginning July 11.

Selling locally is a way for producers to diversify revenue sources, reduce transportation costs and support their communities, says Jeff Samborski, MU Extension business development specialist.

“While the farmers market is the traditional place to buy local food, other venues are eager to meet the growing demand for fresh and local items, including restaurants, grocery stores, and schools and other institutions,” Samborski says.

To succeed, vendors need to understand how to market their products; build relationships with customers; use appropriate food handling, safety and labeling practices; keep good records; and budget properly, he adds.

All sessions take place 6-8:30 p.m. at the MU Extension Center in Blue Springs, 1600 NE Coronado Drive.

Cost is $79 for all four classes. If space is available, participants may register for individual classes for $29 each.

Class schedule:

July 11. Introduction; how to create a business/marketing plan.

July 13. Understanding and serving your customers; managing assets; determining production costs; budgeting.

July 18. Food safety: best practices from field to market; proper food labeling.

July 20. Overview of most frequently used marketing outlets (farmers markets, produce auctions, restaurants, etc.) and their respective advantages and disadvantages; effective use of traditional and digital media to create a positive identity.

Instructors include Samborski; Londa Nwadike, MU Extension state food safety specialist; Kelly Dyer, manager of entrepreneurship, Missouri Chamber of Commerce; and social media marketing consultant Vicki S. Cannon of Cannon Social Media Solutions.

Samborski says classes will include time for detailed discussions based on participants’ interests.

“MU Extension also provides several follow-up modules that delve into greater detail on the eight most frequently used outlets or marketing channels,” he says. “These will be offered as demand warrants.”

To register, contact Samborski at 816-252-5051 or, or register online at

For more information, a downloadable flyer is available.