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MU Extension seed grants awarded


Curt Wohleber
University of Missouri Extension
Phone: 573-882-5409

Published: Monday, Jan. 9, 2017

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension has awarded four seed-capital grants for 2017.

“Goal 1 of MU Extension’s strategic plan is to enhance our integration with research to ensure reliable and trusted educational solutions,” said Marcia Shannon, co-leader of the Goal 1 committee and state swine nutrition specialist. “To accomplish this, MU Extension offered seed funding to MU researchers who have projects that align with Goal 1’s mission and goals, can help build collaborations and partnerships with extension, and have potential to lead to externally funded grants.”

These are the four grants and their principal investigators:

Empowering rural emergency management through collaborative mobile-cloud crowdsourcing and real-time analytics, $25,000. PI: ZhiQiang Chen, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, UMKC.

Researchers will make use of the ubiquity of smartphones, the growing popularity of personal drones, cloud computing and other recent technologies to develop a prototype system for rapid disaster data collection and real-time delivery of vital information to first responders, at-risk communities and others.

Survey of current Missouri cow-calf nutritional management practices, $24,888. PI: Allison Meyer, Division of Animal Sciences, MU.

This project will survey beef cow-calf nutritional management practices and other production practices, making use of the findings to develop materials and programming to raise awareness of best management practices to improve productivity and profitability.

Development of a weed identification app using visual recognition, $25,000. PI: Kevin Bradley, Division of Plant Sciences, MU.

Identification is a crucial step in controlling or removing weeds. This project will make use of advances in visual recognition technology to develop a mobile app that will let users identify an unwanted plant simply by taking a picture of it.

Star stories: Citizen science, storytelling and astronomy education, $19,710. PI: Angela Speck, Department of Physics and Astronomy, MU.

This project will take advantage of the rare total eclipse that will pass through Missouri on Aug. 21, 2017, to explore the use of citizen science and storytelling in astronomy education. Partners will include the MU Extension Community Arts Program.

Each project team will include at least one investigator who is a campus or regional faculty member with an MU Extension appointment.

For more information about the extension seed-capital program, visit