Grazing School

June 5-7, 2018

Newton & McDonald County

A three-day seminar on management intensive grazing for economic
and environmental sustainability.

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Food Preservation Workshop

June 5, 2018

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Neosho High School

This course is filled with everything you need to know to get started in
canning and preserving your own foods.  In this course you will learn
the science behind canning and preserving, how to get started, and
the various methods of canning and preserving.

Truman learns about Extension

Ever wonder why the University of Missouri Extension was established?


Hay Testing

Do you know the nutrient value of your hay or are you just guessing? Knowing the nutrient value of your hay supply allows producers to make informed decisions on how much supplemental feed is necessary to meet the nutritional needs of your animals. The University of Missouri Extension in McDonald County offers forage testing as a fee based service to our clients. Mailing materials and probes, or hay samplers, for forage testing by commercial labs are available in the office.


Don't guess . . . Soil test!

Soil tests are essential for productive gardens and fields.     
Fee: $20.00 per soil sample


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