'Governor of Grapes' toasts work of MU Extension

Former Missouri Gov. Bob Holden grows Norton grapes at his weekend hideaway at Fredericksburg. There the ex-governor learns the nuances of growing grapes on rolling hills overlooking the Gasconade River. Read more

Growing-season problems are topics at MU Crop Management Conference, Dec. 14-15

Answers go beyond problems faced this year with off-site herbicide drift. Topics covered include drought, soybean cyst nematodes, soybean seed treatment, aerial drones and spray nozzles. Read more

USDA ag census to arrive in mail soon

University of Missouri Extension economists urge farmers to complete the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2017 Census of Agriculture. The census should arrive in farmers’ mailboxes in December. Read more

MU Extension helps rural Missourians lower energy costs through USDA program

Farmers who earn at least 50 percent of their income from agriculture and small businesses in eligible rural areas qualify for a USDA energy cost-saving program. Read more

Guide offers help on hiring, keeping farm employees

Finding and keeping dependable workers is one of the largest challenges today for farm owners and managers. Read more

Japan slaps high tariff on U.S. beef

Export drop could lower calf prices. Read more

Prepare for disease outbreaks in livestock operations

A written plan to respond to disease outbreaks for your livestock operation is like insurance. You hope you never need it. You may never need it. But if there is an outbreak, the economic survival of your livestock operation might depend on having that plan. Read more

MU part of $6.6 million research project on cover crops

MU will receive $200,000 for cover crop germ plasm screening and evaluation at MU's Bradford Research Center in Columbia. Read more

Toxic tall fescue resists herbicide but smothers under a cover crop

Killing old stands of tall fescue pastures takes an all-out assault. Kentucky 31, the toxic tall fescue, doesn't die easy. Read more

Pig disease on upswing in U.S.

Disease outbreak workshop offers new information on how to prevent and control spread. Read more

Search for Missouri Century Farms continues

If your farm has been in your family since Dec. 31, 1917, you can apply to have it recognized as a Missouri Century Farm. Read more

Freezing cows die from fescue foot; no known cure

In severe cold weather, cows eating toxic fescue, a widely used pasture grass, suffer frozen feet with lost hooves. In one case a Missouri a producer lost five cows out of a herd of 30. Read more

New irrigation app from MU Extension helps increase yields

In several watersheds in Missouri, the application will help growers qualify for financial incentives from the Natural Resources Conservation Service by adopting weather-based irrigation scheduling. Read more

FDA changes coming for livestock owners

Livestock owners across Missouri are encouraged to prepare for Food and Drug Administration rule changes on antibiotics that go into effect Jan. 1. Read more

Here's your guide to weed identification and herbicide injury

In corn and soybean cropping systems throughout the Midwest, weeds represent an economically significant threat to yield. Read more

It's all about the slime: Building living soil

A teaspoon of living soil can contain billions of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. When those soil microbes do what they do best — feed, reproduce and live — they produce mucilage or biofilm, which are nice words for slime. Read more

Online tool offers farmers information about land parcels

A farmer just has to locate and outline his field, click one button and get a report about their soils, their waters, how many people were living close by and many other things about that property, Read more

As beef prices fall, herd owners should check risk management

In spite of easing in calf prices, good prices can still be locked in. Read more

Easy-to-understand beef genomics now on eXtension website

Beef herd owners facing genetic data overload at breeding time can find help. A new website, is live. Read more

MU Extension offers help to reduce atrazine runoff

Atrazine, which is a popular and inexpensive weed control herbicide, is used on approximately 85 percent of the state's cornfields. It is one of the most effective water-soluble herbicides on the market. Read more

Label changes eliminate over-the-counter availability

According to the FDA, this rule is part of an overall strategy to ensure judicious use of feed-grade and water-soluble antibiotics in food-producing animals. Read more

The sky's the limit for UAVs in agriculture

The next generation of farmhands might be able to leap over barbed-wire fences and towering cornstalks in a single bound. Read more

Free online tool helps growers with nitrogen application decisions

The tool combines historical weather data and fieldwork conditions with economic considerations to determine the feasibility and profitability of post-planting nitrogen application. Read more

Pasture-based dairies provide management and lifestyle choices

Since switching to pasture-based rotational grazing 17 years ago, dairy farmer Charles Fletcher has expanded his operation, increased his bottom line and has more time to make music. Watch the video. Read more



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