Meet an Osher donor

Osher member Ruth Miluski decided earlier in the year to join the Founders group of the Osher Advocates. We sat down with Ruth to find out what she values most about lifelong learning.

How long have you been associated with Osher?

Since its beginning, at Lenoir Community Center – even back that far!

What value does Osher bring to your life?

You can have a singular learning experience, but there's something different about a community of learners. Walking into a classroom of eager students gives me something that I don't get through reading a book. It's like a fine meal served at a dinner party; the host puts in a great deal of preparation, and then the conversation makes it magical.

What do you enjoy most about being a student at Osher?

I enjoy the discipline of coming to class on time and doing the assignments. As a retired person, without many demands, discipline is something new. Also, the Osher community is inspiring and the staff is wonderful.

Can you please share a favorite moment/experience at Osher?

When I was still working, I took Kit Salter's class on the sense of place. My pattern for learning prior to that was to either read a book or look inward. I learned that you must pay attention and look and see out. It changed me a great deal, and I'm a keen observer of nature now – when I walk around I'm much more observant.

What else do you think Osher participants might want to know about you?

I love stories of people, what they enjoy doing. What is your story? What's your 'ordinary?' I think the ordinary can be spectacular.


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Osher advocates

The following individuals/couples have each pledged $1,000, to be paid by the end of this calendar year, in support of Osher's mission. Please consider joining this groundbreaking crew – simply contact Osher's staff and fill out a pledge form. (Pledges received after May 31, 2017, will be included in the Winter catalog.)

  • Wayne Anderson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
  • Don and Joan Bay
  • Thomas and Barbara Bender
  • John and Patti Blakemore
  • Emily Bonwich
  • Ron and Judy Carter
  • Robert and Barbara Churchill
  • Thomas Dillingham and Judith Clark
  • Patti Doyle
  • Carolyn Dye
  • William B. Fisch
  • Lawrence M. and Aileen R. Garvin
  • Beverly Giangiacomo
  • Anne Gifford
  • Robert Hibbs
  • Ken and Pat Hutchinson
  • Jason Ingram and Dr. Kimetha Fairchild
  • Beverly Kabrick
  • Don and Linda Ladd
  • Martha Matthews
  • Carol A. McAllister
  • Peter and Pat McDonald
  • Ruth Miluski
  • Georgia Morehouse
  • Stephen and Joan Mudrick
  • Jerry Murrell
  • Von and Joyce Pittman
  • Michael and Rose Porter
  • Neil and Lyanne Riley
  • Kit and Cathy Salter
  • Sally Silvers
  • Beverly Smull
  • Lindalee Stahlman Volmert
  • Gary and Beth Stangler
  • Marcia Walker
  • Paul Wallace and Robin Remington
  • George and Helen Washburn
  • Jack Wax
  • Nan Wolf
  • Anonymous, in honor of Helen Washburn
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

Friends of Osher

We thank these Friends of Osher for providing extra support through monetary contributions to Osher@Mizzou. (Contributions received after May 31, 2017, will be acknowledged in the Winter Catalog.)

  • Ed and Willa Adelstein
  • Ann Ballin
  • Sandra Basu
  • Priscilla Bevins
  • Jane Biers
  • Robert and Cokie Blake
  • Diane Booth
  • Gary Bridgewater
  • Gregory Brown
  • Jean and Merle Buck
  • Carol Busacker
  • Deborah Byrd
  • Jim and Anne Campbell
  • Yolanda Ciolli
  • Gary Coles
  • Marcia and Roger Dawdy
  • Dorinda Derow
  • Anne Edwards
  • John Farr
  • Barbara Favazza
  • Grace Feutz
  • Janice Gaston
  • Cindy Ann Gergen
  • Joseph and Jessica Giacchi
  • Don and Sharon Ginsburg
  • Robert and Jane Ginter
  • Olive Graham
  • Jean Gurucharri
  • Elizabeth Ham
  • Joanne Heisler
  • Marjory Hicks
  • Perk and Marilyn Hoecker
  • George and Victoria Hubbell
  • Chris Janku
  • Sharon Keitel
  • Judy Kelly
  • Sharon Kinden
  • Kaye King
  • Evelyn Lansche
  • Gail Luce
  • Stephen Matthews
  • Kathy McCluggage
  • Patricia and Peter McDonald
  • Jack and Terry Meinzenbach
  • Wayne and Pat Merrill
  • Steve and Sharon Millikan
  • Elizabeth Ann Morgan
  • Bob and Bonnie Mullen
  • Margaret Niemeyer
  • John and Joni O'Connor
  • Jim and Jill Orr
  • John Parker
  • Diane Peckham
  • Claude and Lena Pecquet
  • Laura Perez-Mesa
  • Patricia and John Purves
  • Donna Reed
  • Karen Ridge
  • Candida Rogers
  • Lynn Rossy
  • Lucille Salerno
  • Don Schilling
  • Sarah Seat
  • Jeanne Sebaugh
  • Valerie Shaw
  • Jill Sigler
  • Karen Swope
  • Gary Tatlow
  • Peggy Todd
  • Jim and Kathy Tunink
  • Linda Jo Turner
  • Lael Von Holt
  • Steven Wiegenstein

Business supporters

Thank you to the businesses that support Osher@Mizzou.

Becoming a friend of Osher

How to invest in the future of Osher@Mizzou

Consider if your preference is to give a gift that will be used within one to two years for programming or to contribute to an endowment fund through which proceeds from your contribution will benefit OLLI forever — or both.

Then, act!

  • Give online
    Online giving generally takes less than five minutes. Choose the "Statewide endowments" tab and select Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly automatic donation.
  • Give by mail
    Mail your check, payable to University of Missouri Extension, to University of Missouri, Extension Development Office, 109F Whitten Hall, Columbia, MO 65211. Please indicate whether your gift is for general use or if it is for an endowment. If it is a tribute, specify a name for the tribute.
  • Give in other ways
     If you are interested in contributing in other, even more substantial or specific ways such as supporting an endowed lecture series or signficiantly endowing another aspect of Osher, we would love to meet with you to explore ideas.

If you would like more information, contact the Osher director. You can also request a confidential conversation about options by contacting the office of MU Extension Advancement at 573-884-8570 or