Feeder Cattle Evaluation Program - November 7, 2017 (PDF)

Extension Council Officers Elected - 2017

Forest Thompson, Vice Chair, Danny Bowling, Chairman, Denise Massie, Treasurer and Jeanne Jones, Secretary.

Soil Testing Time
Now is a good time to test your soil and find out what it needs for growing season. Cost is $15.00 per sample.  

Newsletters and info

Beef Newsletter

Production and management tips for beef producers
November 2017 (PDF)       Wiedmeier Article - Nov. (PDF)
October 2017 (PDF)           Wiedmeier Article - Oct. (PDF)
September 2017 (PDF)      Wiedmeier Article-Sept. (PDF)
August 2017 (PDF)             Wiedmeier Articles-Aug. (PDF)
July 2017 (PDF)
June 2017 (PDF)

Missouri Steer Feedout 2017-18
Feedout Brochure - 2017-18 (PDF)
Feedout Entry Form

Feedout Finale PowerPoint 2016-17 (PDF)

4-H Newsletter - Clover Connection

Monthly newsletter for 4-H Families in Lawrence, Dade and Greene Counties:
November 2017 (PDF)
October 2017 (PDF)
September 2017 (PDF)
August 2017 (PDF)           4-H Day at Silver Dollar City (PDF)           Dixie Stampede (PDF)           4-H 5K Run 4 Health (PDF)
July 2017 (PDF)

4-H Dairy Cow Camp - 2017

Other popular MU Extension publications
MU Extension publication G6201, Vegetable Planting Calendar