Upcoming Programs

   Johnson County Management Intensive Grazing School

Management intensive grazing (also known as rotational grazing management) is a system where grazing is managed for both the benefit of the livestock and forage. Livestock graze in each pasture long enough to harvest the forage, but are removed before too much leaf area is consumed. A basic system may have 4 or 5 pastures while a more management intensive system will have 8 to 10 pastures.  Make plans to attend this school to explore soils and topology, grazing basics, fencing, forage estimates, economics of grazing, and many more.

The cost associated with this grazing school is $125 per person (second person with paid full registration will be an additional $85).  For a registration brochure, click here.

   Your Farm, Your Business, Your Future

This succession, estate, and retirement planning workshop series is designed to walk participants through the requirements and implications of various pathways for the use of their long-term accumulated assets.  The course is taught in 3 different sessions (1 night per week for 3 weeks from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm).  The topics covered include conducting family meetings, probate in Missouri, wills, trusts, estate tax issues, and more.  The course will be taught by University of Missouri Extension faculty.

The cost associated with the workshop series is $80 per person or $120 per couple/entity sharing materials.  For a registration brochure, click here.

   Getting Down to Brass Tacks of Farm Leases

This single evening workshop (November 29th) will discuss the different aspects of farm leases for cropland and pasture.  Participants will receive packets of reference materials to help create successful leases for both tenant and landlord.  Topics covered in this workshop include: parts of a lease, Missouri leasing law, cash rental trends, and adding flexibility to farm leases.

The cost associated for this 2.5 hour workshop is $5 per person.  For a brochure, click here.

Past Presentations

  Missouri's Complex Fence Law, March 11, 2014

     Missouri Fence Law, Joe Koenen, Agriculture Business Specialist Putnam County

      Additional Links About Fence Law

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