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2018 Embryology Program

Want information about Hatching Chicks in the Classroom?

Please send us an email or check out our registration & info on-line:
http://extension.missouri.edu/jefferson or email Melissa Scheer at

The program encourages hands-on scientific learning and discussion of issues related to
human and chicken development as students take care of eggs that hatch into chicks.

Choose Egg delivery on March 6, 2018 or April 24, 2018.

· Incubator Rental Available

· Curriculum for grades 2-5 or 6-8

· Free Training for new or returning teachers


2018 Session Information - Word / PDF

2018 Enrollment Form -  Word / PDF


County Resource Directory

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Contact the Extension office at 636-797-5391 if you need additional information.


Whether you believe in weather
predictions or not,
it's always god to be prepared!

2017 - 2018
21st Annual Persimmon Seed Weather Theory


Weather related

Warming Stations in Jefferson County and surrounding areas


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