2019 Redbooks are available

These books are handy to carry with you or in your vehicle as you keep track of calving, breeding, health, fescue observations, pasture rotations, rainfall, temperatures and mileage.  Cost is $6.

Are you a farmer?

Kelly Cochran, a clinical associate professor at the UMKC School of Pharmacy and an MU adjunct assistant professor of medicine, is recruiting survey participants for a study on farm injuries. Specifically, Cochran is looking for 173 farmers who in the last 12 months have avoided injuries requiring a hospital admission or a visit to an emergency department. Participants receive a $25 gift card upon successful completion of a phone interview. To participate in the survey go here. Deadline to participate is October 21.

OzarkEmpire Fair Hay Show results

Feedout Finale 2018-19 (PDF) 

A slide show of steer performance from the 2018-19 Missouri Steer Feedout

Calendar of Upcoming Events

 2019 Grazing Schools - Statewide calendar


Missouri fence laws

These resources for Missouri fence and boundary laws are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.
University of Missouri Extension offers educational sessions on Missouri's boundary and fences twice a year, throughout the fall and in early winter.


Pesticide application

Ag business


Beef Newsletter

Production and management for beef producers written by Eldon Cole, livestock specialist, Lawrence County

Newsletter can be found here