4-H recognition and award winners

2018 Meats judging contest 

The University of Missouri Extension 4-H State Meats Judging contest on Feb. 17 drew 48 competing 4-H members. Working in partnership with the MU Meat Science Department and MU Collegiate Meats Judging Team, the contestants were provided an opportunity to develop and hone their judging skills, and explore future career and educational options. Youth involved with the meat judging program develop key life skills to aid in their future career success, and success as life-long consumers. Through involvement in a 4-H judging team members must make rapid, logical decisions and defend their decisions via oral reasons. Therefore, students improve their ability for critical thinking and accurate communication. In addition, students become organized and self-disciplined, learn to accept criticism, develop self-confidence and become leaders.. Alumni from the program have reported success in the meat judging competition has translated to employment opportunities, internships and scholarships. The senior team members placed 4th. Senior team members were Luke Anibal, Sam Anibal, Korbin Fast, Brett Rockers, and Grady Weaver and junior team members were Kelton AuBrey , Caleb Martin, Austin Pope, Shem Miller.

2018 Legislative Academy

Lydia Rockers, a nine year 4-H member was one of fourteen 4-H teens selected statewide to represent Missouri 4-H in Jefferson City, Feb. 19-21. Delegates were immersed in three branches of Missouri state government over three days.

2018 State Poultry Day

A youth training/skills demonstration event in an educational format.  The team placed first in the Quizbowl contest.  Team members attending from Jasper County were Mackenzie Bell, Kaden Bell, Kaleb Bell, Gauge Reed, Jayden Schenck, and Samantha Schenck.. 

2018 National 4-H Poultry and Egg Contest

The National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference recognizes senior 4-H members who are 14 years of age as of January 1, and who have excelled in their state 4-H poultry learning activities.

Contestants must have a comprehensive knowledge of subject matter for several species of poultry, food safety, physiology, nutrition, eggs, and other related subjects.

The team of Mackenzie Bell and Kaleb Bell placed 13th in competition.

Jasper County Youth Fair

The fair is open to youth organizations in Jasper County and is a way for youth to showcase their project work. The fair was held July 8-15 in Carthage, Missouri with 317 4-H and FFA members exhibiting 1,539 project items. 2018 Fair results (PDF) and special award winners (PDF). Livestock Judging results (PDF)

2018 Jasper County Youth Fair Pageant

Lydia Rockers was crowned Queen at the 2018 Jasper County Youth Fair. Savanna Fisher, Princess; Cate Martin, Junior Princess; Marlee Massey, Little Miss; and Landry Buffer, Little Mister. Junior Princess 2nd runner up, Kassidy Hudson and 1st runner up, Cheyenne Horton. Princess 2nd runner up, Emily Egger and 1st runner up Allison Hudson. Queen 2nd runner up, Callie Ummel; 1st runner up, Mackenzie Cow. Interview winner, Mackenzie Crow and talent winner, Lydia Rockers.

2018 Ozark Empire Fair

For over 80 years, the Ozark Empire Fair held in Springfield has been a time for community celebration. Members earning a blue ribbon at the Jasper County Youth Fair may exhibit at OEF. This year 163 non-animal entires were chosen to advance. 2018 Jasper County 4-H non-animal exhibitor results (PDF). Livestock results

2018 Missouri State Fair

Dating back to 1901, the Missouri State Fair is among the state's oldest and most tradition-rich events for summer family fun. Jasper County 4-H members qualified 102 non-animal projects. Results (PDF) Livestock competition results can be found here.                               

2018 State Horse Judging 

The difference between 4-H and many other horse related opportunities is that the various competitions available focus first on youth development and “winning” a distant second goal. The senior team placed first. and will also participate in a National Contest in Oct. Senior members included: Mackenzie Bell (first place overall), Emilee Block, Isaiah Chandler (third place overall), Emily Egger, Evelyn Gilbreath, Samantha Schenck, Keslee Dannels, Jerry Watson, and Jessy Watson..Junior team members were Hope Miller, Tannah Grigg-Cassatt, Lannah Grigg-Cassatt, Laura Thorn, and Faith Calvin.

2018 National Horse Judging

Team members include Isaiah Chandler, Jacob Blank, Emilee Block, Samantha Schenck, and Mackenzie Bell.









2018 Hippology Contest

Members participating in the contest were Lannah Grigg-Cassatt, Tannah Grigg-Cassatt, Hope Miller, Laura Thorn, Mackenzie Bell, Emily Egger, Garrett Egger, Samantha Schenck, Jerry Watson and Jessy Watson.

2018 State Livestock Judging Team

The University of Missouri Extension 4-H State Livestock Judging contest on Sept. 8 drew 148 competing 4-H members. The Jasper County senior team members were Seth Miller, Garrett Egger, Luke Anibal, and Kaitlyn Cloud (5th place individual). The junior competitors were Kallie Cloud, Tannah Grigg-Cassatt, Faith Calvin and Ian Block.

2018 State 4-H Fashion Revue

Seventy-six young people from across the state participated. In addition to the competition, youth participated in workshops such as “Textile Exploration”, a session facilitated by the MU Textile and Apparel Management student organization that focused on using textiles in creative ways.  

Jasper County participants were Livia Dumm - 1st place in Clothes You Make: Wool award, intermediate division; Abigail Dumm - 2nd place Clothes You Make Wool Award; Kelton Moll - 3rd place in Clothes You Make, junior division.

Shooting Sports Contests

2018 Jasper County Shooting Sports Contest
.22 rifle senior division - First place Sadie Ramirez, 2nd place Korbin Fast; 3rd place Jerry Watson; 4th place Carter Aleneder, 5th place Aubrey Niess, and 6th place Luke Lage; intermediate division - 1st place Cheyenne Horton.

2018 Regional Shooting Sports Contest  
Archery: Junior Division, Compound Release - Connor Beck, 2nd place; Intermediate Division, Compound Fingers - Cheyenne Horton, 1st place and Brett Pennington, 2nd; Senior Division, Freestyle Recurve - Emily Bowles, 1st place  and Chris Bowles, 2nd; Trap, Senior Division: Tyler Dunnic, tie for 2nd place and Cole Quade 6th place; Trap, Senior Division: Korbin Fast,  2nd place; .22 Rifle, Intermediate Division, Standard Open Sights: Cheyenne Horton 5th place: .22 Rifle, Senior Division, Standard Open Sights: Sadie Ramirez,  2nd place; Korbin Fast, 4th place and Carter Allender, 5th place. Muzzleloader, Senior Division: Sadie Ramirez, 1st place.

2018 State Shooting Sports Contest 

The senior archery freestyle team place 1st. Members included Chris Bowles, Emily Bowles and Brett Pennington. .22 rifle team placed 2nd. Members were Korbin Fast, Sadie Ramirez and Carter Allender; archery recurve 3D team place 1st. Team members: Chris Bowles, Emily Bowles and Brett Pennington; archery 600 compound bow team place 1st. Members included Chris Bowles, Emily Bowles and Brett Pennngton.

Archery senior division: Christopher Bowles, 3rd place NFAA 300 Freestyle, 1st place recurve 3D; 1st place American 600 compound; Brett Pennington, 3rd place recurve 3D, 5th place American 600 compound and 4th place freestyle; Emily Bowles, 2nd place NFAA 300 Freestyle, 2nd place; Recurve 3D, 1st place. 3rd  American 600 recurve Freestyle; .22 rifle standard senior division: Korbin Fast, Carter Allender and Sadie Ramirez competed; Hunting Skills: 5th place, Chris Bowles; Muzzleloading: Sadie Ramirez

Jasper County 4-H Achievement Day 

Thirty 4-H members competed in 20 events on June 2 in Carthage. Results for 2018 Jasper County Achievement Day

Jasper County 4-H Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue was held June 3, 2018 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Results in the Clothes You Buy category were: Senior division, Abigail Dumm, 1st place blue ribbon; intermediate division, Livia Dumm, 1st place blue ribbon. In the Clothes You Make category: senior division, 1st place blue ribbon, Abigail Dumm; intermediate division, 1st place blue ribbon, Livia Dumm and 2nd place red ribbon, Lacey Allen; junior division, 1st place blue ribbon, Kelton Moll and 2nd place red ribbon, Faith Calvin.

Regional Achievement Day contest

Thirty-eight southwest Missouri 4-H members competed at Regional Achievement Day held in Avilla on July 17, 2018. Jasper County results (PDF)

State 4-H Congress

Youth from every corner of the state gathered on the University of Missouri campus  for the annual State 4-H Congress. Teens ages 14-18 participated in a variety of hands-on workshops that fit their interests.  Choices ranged widely, from leadership development to acting, writing, and meteorology. 2018 Jasper County delegates included Luke Anibal, Isaiah Chandler, Korbin Fast, Luke Lage, Hannah Miller, Seth Miller, Sadie Ramirez, Brett Rockers, Lydia Rockers, and Marissa Thorn.

Jasper County 4-H Awards Banquet recognition

The annual awards banquet was held November 4 in Carthage with over 70 members, volunteers and guests in attendance. The Jasper County 4-H Parents’ Association honors 4-H members for their accomplishments during the past 4-H year. Volunteer leaders are also recognized. Here is a complete list of award winners.