Livestock image for Paula

4-H  graphics

How to use these images:

  1. Highlight the URL for the image then hit Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy the URL. (hint: be careful not to include any extra spaces before or after the URL)
  2. Go to FrontPage and place your cursor where you want the image to appear in your page.
  3. Click "insert" --> "picture" --> "from file"
  4. Down at the bottom, paste the URL into the line next to "file name" then click OK.
  5. When you save your page, It will pop up a box asking what you want to do with the image file.  Choose "set action" then click "do not save." Then click OK twice.

This procedure will point your page to the original image file rather than saving a duplicate copy in you own site. This saves disk space on the server and makes sure that if the logo changes (as it did in Jul 2006), you will always be using the most current version. 

If you have questions or problems, e-mail  (25 x 25 pixels)  (38 x 39 pixels)  (60x60 pixels)  (100x100 pixels)  (200x200 pixels)