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Face-to-face training presentations

To request training, please contact Megan Martin, Training/Development Coordinator, University of Missouri Extension at  573-884-0958, or

Payroll Jeopardy - ExtHR 210
Provides basic information about topics on travel, payroll, timesheets and compensatory time in a game-like atmosphere.

Emotional Intelligence – ExtHR 220
Provides information and exercises that will increase awareness of emotions and behaviors of self and others in social and working relationships.

Generational Differences – ExtHR 230
Learn to work within differences between generation, and apply certain work and communication techniques that will improve work relationships.

Effective Coaching – ExtHR 240
Learn skills in several areas including providing feedback, analyzing different employee issues, determining what, if any training would be beneficial to the particular employee issue, and having the all important discussion with the employee in an effort to change and improve performance. 

Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors – ExtHR 250
As a supervisor of university employees, specific laws and policies impact your job. This workshop will give the participant an overview of those laws and policies, plus resources on where to find more in-depth information.

The Respectful Workplace – ExtHR 260
Discuss reasons why there is conflict in the workplace.  Be aware of different types and dynamics of conflict.  Learn ways and resources available to help deal with conflict.  

Preventing Sexual Harassment – ExtHR 270
It’s important to know what sexual harassment is, what it isn’t, and what to do if it happens in your work area.  This session will discuss how to identify harassers and harassing behavior, and what to do if you or a fellow worker is a target of harassment.

Performance Management – ExtHR 280
Performance management is key to staff success and achieving organizational goals.  It is an on-going communication process between supervisors and employees that includes establishing  performance standards, utilizing effective feedback, and establishing a plan for setting and achieving goals.

Effective Professional Relationships - ExtHR 290
Effective professional relationships are helpful in the work world if you want job satisfaction.  They are a must if you want goal accomplishment.  This session will show you how to create a positive, empowering and motivational work environment through the relationships you have with those you work with and for.

Customer Service (Or in Other Words, Effective Professional Relationships) - ExtHR 291
Who are your customers?  What do they need from you?  In order to provide good customer service, professional relationships must change from within the work environment.  In this session, you’ll learn the parallels of professional relationships both with your customers, as well as with your fellow colleagues.  We’ll discuss barriers that keep us from providing good customer service, and strategies to overcome those barriers.

Effective Teamwork - ExtHR 300
This session will highlight 5 areas that will ensure effective teamwork: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.  All five areas are supported by one another in order for a team to function well and effectively, and for genuine teamwork to flourish and be successful.

I'm Okay, You're Not - ExtHR 310
This session will explore communication myths, different work styles, and reasons for resistance and difficulty in certain relationships.  Participants will be challenged to understand and accept the different styles in an attempt to improve communication and relationships.

How Full is Your Bucket - ExtHR 320
Interactions between people can affect their outlook, energy and fortitude.  If the interaction is positive, a person’s “bucket” will be filled.  If the interaction is negative, a person’s “bucket” will be diminished.  People work most effectively and deal with stresses in life best when their bucket is full.  This session will teach 6 strategies for establishing positive relationships at work and in life.  Once you learn these strategies, you will not only help those you work with, but you will help yourself as well.

Managing Energy vs. Managing Time - ExtHR 330
We have a finite amount of hours in the day - 24.  But the amount of our energy in a day can increase or decrease.  Utilizing information from two books: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey, and "The Power of Full Engagement" by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz you'll become aware of the principles of managing your energy, and gain tips on how to utilize these when dealing with challenges in your work and life.  Discussion will include barriers to making these tips work, and how to manage work/life balance.

Growth Mindset - ExtHR 340
Explore the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset; and discuss how having a growth mindset can positively affect work performance, motivation, team building, and supervisor performance feedback. Based on the research of Dr. Carol Dweck and her book Growth Mindset:  You Can Fulfill Your Potential (2012), participants will learn that their knowledge, skills and talent levels can be increased. They will gain tips on how to re-direct negative self-talk, and gain more self-confidence.

Communication and Connection - ExtHR 350
This session will explore how to be all right with differing opinions, and the idea of I'm right/You're wrong.  Using information from Crucial Conversations, Lifescripts, and Profit from the Positive, participants will learn about the story behind the communication, and how to improve connection and workplace relationships,