Preparing promotion dossiers

Non-tenure track faculty are evaluated on their performance in the primary area of their appointment, as defined in the guidelines, along with service and professional activities related to the primary appointment. These criteria differ from those used to evaluate tenure-track faculty.

Candidates must provide a paper copy and electronic version following the content outline described in the Promotion Procedures for Ranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty. Call letter: Review of Ranked Non-Tenure Track (formerly called Non-Regular) Faculty Promotions

Guidelines Appendix D:  Content Outline, extension specific (PDF)


Dossiers should be prepared following American Psychological Association’s Formatting and Style Guide. Documents should be prepared using a 12 pt. Times New Roman font. See: APA Style from Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Organize your dossier according to the directions in the Guidelines (PDF).  See Appendix D:  Content Outline, extension specific (PDF)

Be sure the History and Recommendation Summary is complete. The total for each year must be 100 percent. Any variations from the initial appointment during the preceding five years must be explained as an addendum.  Examples of variations may include leaves, administrative appointments, change in teaching load, etc.  Refer to Fillable Forms section below  for the History and Recommendation Summary form.

Letters of recommendation from reviewers will be added by regional directors/supervisors to both the paper and electronic dossiers.

Paper dossier

The paper dossier should be placed in a light blue pressboard report binder with fasteners along the left side. Ring and spring-clip binders are not acceptable.

Tabs, using the exact Roman numeral tab and the names specified in Appendix D: Content Outline (PDF), should be used to separate the sections in the dossier.

Faculty members should label the front of their binder with the following information:

Division of Extension Dossier in Support of Promotion to the Level of (Assistant Extension, Associate Extension or Extension Professional)
Submission Date

Faculty members should send one original paper copy of the dossier to their supervisor, who will add internal and external evaluations before sending the dossier to the Vice Provost and Director of Cooperative Extension in care of Vicki Bach, 108 Whitten Hall, Columbia, MO 65211.

Dossiers can be ordered on the MU Extension website. Follow these steps:


  1. Open a web browser to
  2. In the search bar at the top of the page, type the word “tenure” and search.  
  3. The first search result should be “University of Missouri Extension Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Promotion Dossier (Binder and Tabs)”.  Click that item.
  4. On the right side of the next page (the binder order page), change quantity (QTY) to “1” and click the “ADD TO CART” button.
  5. At the top of the page, in the shopping cart drop down (now visible with the binder in it), click “GO TO CHECKOUT”
  6. Complete all shipping information, then click “NEXT”
  7. Complete all billing information, then click “PLACE ORDER”. 


Electronic dossiers

A copy of the dossier should be submitted via the University of Missouri Box site, which provides maximum confidentiality while allowing access to individuals in the review process. To request a Non-Tenure Track University of Missouri Box site, contact NTT Support, Vicki Bach at

Candidates should create PDF files of their dossier. Scanned documents must be readable; scanning at 200 to 300 dpi with OCR is recommended. Review documents for legibility before submitting. To reduce PDF file sizes for Word documents, choose "Save as" and select "Minimize size (publishing online)."

A set of dossier folders for each candidate will be created when the supervisor or regional director is notified of their intent to seek promotion. Materials should be uploaded to the appropriate folders:

  • Inside front cover
  • Tab I – Appointment Folder
  • Tab II – Departmental Summary Letters and Recommendations
  • Tab III – College/School Summary Letters and Recommendations
  • Tab IV – Complete C.V.
  • Tab V – Summary of Accomplishments
  • Tab VI – External Reviews
  • Tab VII – Departmental and Divisional Guidelines
  • Tab VIII – Other

Keep in mind the Timeline for dossier submission. Individual access will be determined according to the posted deadlines. Once the documents are uploaded and application is final, candidates will no longer have access to the files. Be sure that documents are in their final form before uploading them.

Preparing your dossier

Be well organized and follow the instructions in the most recent promotion call letter. Include all requested information in the specified format.

Never assume that your accomplishments are obvious to others. Provide detailed information on your accomplishments and contributions.

Know your strengths and emphasize them in your CV.

The narratives from the PRLLs reporting system may be helpful in identifying past programming and impact. The narratives can be found in the Outlook public folders (Public Folders: All Public Folders: UM System: Extension).

Guidelines (PDF) -- Complete information for preparing your dossier
Promotion dossier checklist (PDF)  (general version)
Promotion dossier detailed checklist (DOC) (OPTIONAL FORM -- indicates candidate, supervisor, etc., responsibilities for paper submission/University of Missouri Box site) 

Fillable forms
All the appendices are included in the Guidelines document, but they are not fillable. If you would like the fillable versions, use the forms below.  If you use the word document fillable forms, remember to save the completed form as PDF for posting to the University of Missouri Box site.

PDF forms (You must save the PDF form to your computer in order for it to be fillable.  Do not open the form directly from the website -- it will not be fillable):

Recommendations Signature Page (PDF)                       

History and Recommendations Summary (PDF)              

Procedure for Selection of Outside Reviewers (PDF) 

Word Forms:

 Recommendations Signature Page (DOCX)

History and Recommendations Summary (DOCX)  

Procedure for Selection of Outside Reviewers (DOCX)


Chris V. Thompson, chair,
Associate Extension Professional, Business Development Specialist,
County Program Director, Cole County, East Central Region