Summer Annual Forages

With this year’s long winter and slow pasture growth, many producers are interested in supplementing their forage supplies with summer annual crops such as pearl millet, sorghum-sudan or sudangrass. Picking out the species that is right for your operation can be an important one.
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Topdress Nitrogen

The recent wet spell has led to many area farmers feeling rushed and anxious about getting nitrogen applied to their corn crops. Although we are in the middle of May, there is still time to apply nitrogen to meet your crop’s nutrient demands. Full Article>

Spring Pasture Renovation

As we look forward to warmer weather and longer days, it is no secret that the weather this past year has challenged farmers in the area. As a result, many pastures may be in poor condition heading into the growing months. For farmers who have considered renovating their fescue pastures, the poor pasture conditions may make this a great time to move forward with renovation plans. Full article> 

Missouri Farm Labor Guide

This guide is meant to share general information about developing an approach to human resources management. The material in the guide should not be used in place of legal, accounting or other professional opinions. Agricultural employers are encouraged to engage an attorney, accountant and other necessary professionals to ensure that their specific policies and human resources systems satisfy all necessary labor laws and business standards.

This guide can be found at the Harrison County Extension Office and on the web at:

2018 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that 35 percent of Missouri farmland is rented. That means that about 9.8 million acres of Missouri agricultural land is rented. To help both landowners and farmers, the University of Missouri has periodically surveyed landowners and farmers to detect trends in rental rates. The latest survey was taken in the summer of 2018. MU Extension Publication G427

Forage Testing

Know your nutrient and nitrate levels
as well as pounds per head requirements
to insure maximum herd health this winter.

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