Creating an Oral History Project

The Greene County Extension class entitled "Creating an Oral History Project" was very popular. Materials used in that class are available for purchase.  Order materials used in the "Creating an Oral History Project" class (PDF).

2011 Oral History Event

Read an oral history of Olive Hampton

Highlights from our oral history event in 2011

Texas County Driving Tour

Several groups and volunteers are working with the Ozarks Country Schools Association to design a driving tour of the one-room schools still located in Texas County. As of March 2011, a total of 23 one-room schools have been identified as still standing in Texas County.  Seven of those are now homes, one is a church, and four are community centers.  Six of the seven homes are beautiful rock structures built by Work Projects Administration (WPA) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crews.

Download your copy of this school driving tour.