Great Game of Business

The Greene County Extension Council began planning the Great Game of Business in April of 2015. The Council has a business plan (PDF) and a budget in place as part of our high-involvement planning. Learn the details of the Greene County Extension Council's entry in to the Great Game of Business with this blog entry.

See our best overview document (PDF) for understanding what we are doing. This document and chart links to every document relevant to how we are playing the Great Game of Business at Greene County Extension.

Fee Data for 2017

During 2017, our team emphasis is on increasing attendance in fee-based classes and improving our profit margin by reducing expenses and increasing sponsorships, This report showing the fee data for every class that required registration is one way to have that discussion and to build accountability. Registration Fees and Data (PDF)

Playing the Game

LEARN THE RULES: Read our rules and guiding documents that impact how Greene County Extension plays the Great Game of Business with our overview document (PDF).

KEEPING SCORE: See our weekly financial scorecard online on our Facebook page so you can see exactly how we are doing financially for the month and the year.

GET IN THE GAME: Our staff conducts a regular huddle and our Council plays the game during regular council meetings. Our monthly scorecard is in our newsletter.

Impact on Extension Office

These interviews are with David Burton about using the Great Game of Business with Greene County Extension. Todd Reed conducts these interviews for the national podcast "Inspired and Intentional." These links include the audio of the interview as well as notes on the main points.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Mini-Games we Play (Current and Past)

In 2016, our Extension Council played a year-long game known as Whack an Extension Specialist. We have posted a complete game packet (PDF) that provides the rules and scorecard online. | Council member scorecard (PDF).

Our second mini-game in 2015 was aimed at increasing soil tests. See our game card here (PDF). We ended up setting a new annual record for soil tests.

2015 Regional Legislative Bingo. The goal of this mini-game is to encourage the 17-members of our Southwest Region Extension Council to initiate contact with a state legislator or senator that results in a positive contact at a local MU Extension event or program Initiate contact with a state legislator or senator that results in a positive contact at a local MU Extension event or program. Rules and Updated Bingo Board (PDF) | List of Legislators (PDF)

Our first mini-game involved the Give Ozarks campaign on May 5. See our mini-game card is here (PDF). - Final result: we raised over $3,100 so the first level prize was achieved for all staff and council.

Future mini-games may revolve around soil test promotions, donor promotions, tickets sales for an event, or enrollments in new classes. Each of these are items that all staff and council members can influence by talking with friends, co-workers, sharing during existing programs.

Business Plan or GGOB?

Does the Great Game of Business replace that Greene County Extension business plan? The simple answer is “no.” The Great Game of Business strengthens our business plan.The Great Game of Business is not a system. It is not a methodology. It is not a philosophy, or an attitude, or a set of techniques. It is all of those things and more. One of the misconceptions about The Great Game of Business is that it is synonymous with being financially transparent. While transparency is important, sharing financials is only a fraction of the entire process.

GGOB includes financial education. It includes techniques that improve teamwork. GGOB can  improve communication with staff and volunteers about an organization and its finances. GGOB games and “stakes in the outcome” do a lot to get all staff and volunteers involved and moving in the same direction and addressing the same concerns. GGOB techniques make it possible to implement a business plan as a team and to focus on improving finances or addressing specific concerns or drivers in an organization.

Best of all, by using the GGOB we can more quickly respond to new needs or changes in the business itself. The business plan is a large umbrella that  explains the needs and outlines concerns as well as ideas for an organization to improve. GGOB is more like the engine that makes implementation possible and also does more to improve teamwork and communication than any business plan ever could.

Educating Others

David Burton gave a presentation in August of 2015 to employees of Greene County government about the financial history of Greene County Extension and how the Great Game of Business is being used to correct the financial situation. That presented is now online: GC Huddle Presentation (PDF).

For More Information

To learn more about the Greene County Extension financials or to learn more about our progress playing The Game, contact David Burton at (417) 881-8909 or via email.