Drury and Extension Partner to Help Four Communities in Southwest Missouri with Community Visions

Drury University architecture students and University of Missouri Extension specialists are continuing their work to improve urban and rural development in Missouri as a part of Drury University’s Center for Community Studies (CCS). Students meet with their communities several times during a semester and collaborate with the citizens to envision a future. At the end of the project, students present several poster sized presentation boards and a book that they call the “visioning toolkit.” Drury’s CCS works with MU Extension to prepare communities before Drury students begin working with communities. After students have completed their projects, MU Extension continues to work with communities to develop and pursue their action plan.


Past Projects

A listing of past community projects as a result of this program. Project List PDF

More Information

For more information about the CCS program contact Jay Garrott at Drury University, (417) 873-7371 or Jeff Barber at the Greene County Extension Center, (417) 881-8909.