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Order materials for use with an FNEP audience (FNP and/or EFNEP) through your regional office.

Approved Curriculum & Resource Lists


These are checklists of all the materials needed for each curriculum – teaching and marketing materials – as well as where to find the following forms: food restriction, consent, evaluation and reporting. Some materials are found in Publications, others are on the Web or the FNEP share drive.

Eating from the Garden
Live It! (updated Pyramid Plus)
Jump Into Foods and Fitness Checklist
Kids in the Kitchen Checklist
The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Journey of Food Discovery
Teen Parents Checklist

Show Me Nutrition Checklists:

Eat Smart Live Strong
Eating Smart, Being Active
Eating Smart, Being Active During Pregnancy
Eating Smart, Being Active – Feeding Your New Baby
Eating Smart, Being Active – Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods
Loving Your Family, Feeding Their Future
Food Related Intergenerational Discussion Group Experiences (FRIDGE)

Show Me Nutrition Newsletters in English & Spanish (Pre-K–Grade 5)

Eating Smart, Being Active

Jump into Foods and Fitness
The Jump Into Foods & Fitness curriculum is designed to teach students, grades three through five, about healthy eating and physical activity. Each lesson includes opportunities for students to learn about and practice healthy eating and physical activity habits. A family newsletter, reinforcing classroom lessons, accompanies each lesson.

  • Lesson 1: Pyramids for health
  • Lesson 2: Go the distance with grains
  • Lesson 3: High 5 for health
  • Lesson 4: Moving and motion
  • Lesson 5: Power up the day
  • Lesson 6: On the go
  • Lesson 7: Choices for good health
  • Lesson 8: Celebrating JIFF

Identifying New Educational Materials (doc)

Criteria for Choosing Music for Physical Activity in FNEP (doc)

Show Me Nutrition Education Displays
The Show Me Nutrition Education Displays are designed to reach teachers who will take the information into the classroom and share with their students. With these exhibits we are “training trainers” to deliver good nutrition messages.

Use of 4-H Materials in FNEP Programs

Program Highlights:

Lessons for adults – core lessons include:

  • Get Moving!
  • Plan, Shop, $ave
  • Vary Your Veggies, Focus on Fruit
  • Make Half Your Grains Whole
  • Build Strong Bones
  • Go Lean with Protein and Iron
  • Make a Change
  • Celebrate! Eat Smart and Be Active

Additional lessons address nutrition during pregnancy and feeding infants and children.

Teenage Moms
Lessons for pregnant and parenting teens on healthy nutrition habits for improved birth outcomes. Also covers breast-feeding and feeding babies and toddlers.

Food Power
Through Food Power Classroom Activities, the Food Power Adventure and the Food Power Digest, elementary school students learn the importance of healthy food choices and regular physical activity. As students travel the path food takes from the farmer’s field to the sports field, they learn where the food they eat comes from and how it gives them the energy to grow and play.

Food Power Young Adventure
As an integral compliment to the Food Power curriculum, Young Adventure targets early childhood through kindergarten aged students. The program is titled “Healthily Ever After”. Using nursery rhyme puppet characters and music, students are introduced to eating a variety of foods, being physically active, and washing hands to kill germs. A parent digest with family cooking ideas, games, and resources is sent home to reinforce learning concepts.

Food Power Round Up
Round Up offers an enrichment option to the Food Power curriculum. Designed as a traveling nutrition assembly performance for grades 2nd to 4th, the program uses puppetry, music, and audience participation learning. Content information helps support students in making positive food and physical activity choices. Classroom activity handouts for teachers follow up are provided.

Jump into Action
Jump Into Action is a team-taught, school-based program to change food behaviors and increase physical activity in fifth-grade students. Jump Into Action helps students make healthy food choices and be more physically active. Students in Jump Into Action learn how fast they are growing now and about the food choices that can help them. They set goals to drink more milk and fewer sodas and other sweetened drinks. Fitting in five or more fruits and vegetables helps them hit their fiber target. They read nutrition facts and ingredient lists on food labels to make informed food choices. Students also learn about the connection between physical activity and healthy weight. They use pedometers to see how active they are. They learn to trade screen time for 60 minutes of physical activity every day.


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