Why people give

  • They were asked.
  • They believe in the cause or mission of the organization.
  • They got involved in the organization as a volunteer.
  • They learned about the organization because of what it did for a relative, friend or neighbor.
  • They want to support an organization that a relative, friend or neighbor supports.
  • They feel the person asking is interested in responding to their interests or needs.
  • They believe the organization is well managed.
  • They feel satisfied or find self-fulfillment through giving.
  • They see the results of the organization’s work.
  • They appreciate the way in which they were thanked – they feel cared for.
  • They can afford the gift.
  • They thought the person asking was responsive to questions and concerns.
  • They receive a tax deduction.

Why people don’t give

  • They weren’t asked.
  • They don’t have any relationship to the organization.
  • They don’t identify with the cause.
  • Follow-up did not occur as promised.
  • They could not see the impact of the nonprofit organization.
  • The person asking used pressure tactics.
  • The person asking was boring and unenthusiastic.
  • They have other priorities.
  • They thought the organization misused funds or did not devote enough to programs.
  • They could not afford to give at the time they were asked.
  • They felt the person asking was not personally invested in or acquainted with the cause.
  • The person asking did not appear informed about the organization.

Adapted by Director of Donor Education Cynthia Crawford in cooperation with Director of Development Cat Comley from training by John E. McClusky, Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program Director, University of Missouri–St. Louis, 2013.