Membership records

State statutes (Section 262.603) (PDF) require county extension councils to provide the names of council members and officers to the University of Missouri and to the county commission.

Membership Reporting

MU Extension provides an online membership record-keeping system for all county councils.  This system also helps councils manage their annual election by keeping records of the candidates, creating paper and online ballots, recording the election results and keeping long-term records of election data and membership.

Generally, the county office secretary and the CES have access to the council information system.  Other record-keepers can be added upon request of the CES.

Login screen (use um-users\youruserid and your e-mail password)
Step-by-step instructions for each module are linked on the main page of the system.

Publishing permission form
In accordance with university policy, council members must grant permission for their telephone number and email address to be published on county extension pages. The “County Council Permission Form” is located in the reports module of the MU Extension Council Information System.

Need help? ETCS,, provides support for the online council information system.

Membership Cards

Two MS Word files, based on Avery business card templates, are available for creating membership cards for county extension councils.

Council Secretary Record Book Forms