Acknowledgement of gifts to MU Extension county councils

Extension county councils may use the gift acknowledgement document (DOCX) to acknowledge monetary or in-kind gifts provided to local county councils. Gifts to the Curators of the University of Missouri will be acknowledged by the university.

For acknowledgement of in-kind donations, a county office representative should insert a description of the goods in the space provided (the space will expand as needed). The donor should value the goods for tax purposes and complete the value of goods field.

Note: The first time you use the gift acknowledgement document, complete the information in the address block in the top right corner and save the file. Then each time you open the document, all you will need to enter is the information about the gift being acknowledged.


Per the Fiscal Policies and Procedures for County Councils, a receipt must also be issued for each monetary gift:

Pre-numbered Receipts: All money received, cash or checks, is recorded on a pre-numbered council receipt, which includes the name of the council. A receipt is issued for all transactions in which money is received in the extension center or by staff at locations other than the extension center. A copy of the receipt is maintained as an official part of the accounting record.

For more information, refer to the policies and procedures at