Your county’s annual report: Make the case for funding

Your county’s annual report can be a key tool for building a stronger resource base for educational efforts. You can structure it to make the case for funding from sources such as county commissioners, grants and donors by including the following details:

Purpose and benefit

Explain how MU Extension is relevant, reliable and responsive in your county.

  • The mission of MU Extension — to improve lives, communities and economies by producing relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies that enhance access to the resources and research of the University of Missouri
  • The value and benefits of what MU Extension does — positive outcomes for program participants; the public value of extension’s work in the county, that is, how programming benefits even those who don’t directly participate
  • Programming highlights — who participated, what they learned, how they benefitted; how the programming benefitted the county and beyond (public value)

Credibility and distinctiveness

Stress the value of MU Extension information and programs.

  • Land-grant mission — to carry the benefits of university research to the people of Missouri
  • Research- and evidence-based programs and information
  • Unbiased education
  • Specialists are University of Missouri faculty with at least a master’s degree

Invite the reader to invest

Advise the reader on how easy and important supporting MU Extension is.

  • Awareness — giving is possible
  • How to give — established mechanisms for gifts and endowment contributions, in-kind donations, volunteering
  • How gifts are used — based on the council’s plan
  • Benefits to the donor of giving

Director of Donor Education Cynthia Crawford in cooperation with the Public Value Self-Directed Work Group, 2013.