Global Relations

The Missouri Alpha Tau Chapter of ESP is actively involved in the promotion of international Extension work through our Global Relations committee.  

MU Extension faculty and Council members with colleagues from University of the Western Cape, South Africa MU Extension faculty and council members hosting colleagues from our partner institution, University of the Western Cape, South Africa







The goals of our committee are to:

  • Be a primary source of international extension information for MU faculty and staff
  • Increase awareness about international extension work, its impacts, and opportunities
  • Promote activities that encourage or facilitate international extension work

Growing the Extension Professional — The Next 100 Years
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Recordings of past webinars

October 13, 2016
Dan Cash from Jackson County gave a presentation about the sugar cane agricultural system in the Dominican Republic.  Dan researched and worked with the sugar cane cutters (braceros) and the bateys (braceros' compounds or villages) for about eleven years.  Dan talks about the deep poverty and oppressive conditions, and about interventions to help improve the lives of braceros and their families.  Dan is currently a community development specialist in Jackson County, in the Urban Region.
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June 8, 2016
Connie Mefford and Tish Johnson gave a presentation about South Africa and the International Community Leadership Development program, a collaborative program piloted last year.
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May 11, 2016
Kathy Macomber, Janet LaFon, Robert Balek, and Lindsey Stevenson presented on their work with new populations in the Noel, Missouri area.  "This presentation reviewed the challenges and successes of the work to date, and what an MU Extension team has learned about identifying community needs and providing reliable, relevant, research-based education in this unique and culturally diverse community. Noel, Missouri is a very diverse small town near the Arkansas border with a population of 1,832. This multi-cultural company town is home to many recent immigrants from Somalia, Sudan, Burma, the Pacific Islands, and from Latin America. For the past two years, MU Extension faculty and staff have worked to provide education and resources to improve the lives of the residents of Noel."
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April 13, 2016
Kara Lubischer and Kathy Macomber presented on their experiences with NELD, the National Extension Leadership Development program, especially their time in Costa Rica.
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March 9, 2016
Dr. Teng Teeh Lim.  Extension Associate Professor in Agriculture Systems Management, presented "From Malaysia to MU."  Dr. Lim shared his personal experiences in his home country of Malaysia, and talked about international Extension work he has been involved in.
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Feb. 10, 2016
Alejandra Gudino, Extension Associate in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, presented "13 years of Archeology in the Ecuadorian Rain Forest: Can Archaeology contribute to multicultural societies?"
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Jan. 20, 2016
Gerardo Martinez, Alianzas Coordinator, presented "Sitting in the Middle of a Bridge: Witnessing the Differences between an Individualistic and a Collectivistic Society--A Personal Journey." Originally from Mexico, Gerardo has extensive experience working with multi-cultural groups; he drew on the research and literature about cultural differences, including examples.
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Dec. 9, 2015
Pablo Arroyo, Business Development Specialist in Franklin County, presented "From the Island to the Mainland," sharing about growing up in Puerto Rico and how it has influenced his Extension programming.
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Oct. 14, 2015
Steve Jeanetta has traveled to Brazil several times developing educational programs and cultural exchanges through his work with the Partners of Americas. The Partners of Americas has sponsored regular education and cultural exchanges between Missouri and the State of Para in northern Brazil over nearly a half century. Extension and other university faculty have participated as hosts and several have traveled to Brazil developing projects in music and culture, community development, youth leadership, adult learning, engineering and agriculture. Steve has served as the executive director of the Missouri Chapter of the Partners since 1998 and shared his experiences and work in northern Brazil focusing on how this relationship has helped develop his extension programs and extended his work internationally. Adobe Connect recording

June 10, 2015
Jerry Hitzhusen has traveled extensively, he shared what he's learned in his presentation, "International Travel Tips."
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May 13, 2015
Dean Larkin, spoke about two working trips to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Dean shared lessons from work with community groups in both countries as well as studying the use of Restorative Justice principles as part of the ongoing peace process.
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April 8, 2015
Amie Schleicher, Livestock Specialist, gave a presentation entitled, “Terroir, foie gras, Bordeaux, quotas, horse filets, and MUCH more: learning more about European agriculture than should be possible in two weeks.”  Amie described her experiences in the Agricultural Leadership of Tomorrow (ALOT) program which included two intense weeks of traveling from southern France to the southern UK to learn about European agricultural production, policy, issues, and trends. Amie shared her perspective on those two weeks and how this experience continues to impact her life and work.
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March 11, 2015
Judy Stallman's presentation, "What I learned from People When I lived, Worked, and Traveled in Other Countries, focused on her work in Honduras and Nicaragua, her time in the Peace Corps, and other international experiences. 
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Feb. 11, 2015
Crystal Weber discussed her experiences in university and industry-led international agriculture education programs in her presentation, "From the Velvet Revolution to the Silk Road: food and agriculture as a tool of international understanding."  Learn how her experiences in China, Thailand, the Czech Republic and France have developed her perceptions of a consumer’s role in a globalized food system.
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Jan 14, 2015
Jackie Rasmussen, presented, "So 'Kiwis' can fly?? Insights into New Zealand and NELD experience in Mexico."
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Dec. 10, 2014
Patrick Byers presented, "International Volunteer Experiences...What's In It for Me?"
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Nov. 12, 2014
Sharon Gulick, "Exploring Global Community Economic Development Opportunities– Linking with University of Edinburgh"
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October 12, 2014
Ted Probert presented, "Experiencing New Zealand and its Dairy Industry."
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Sept. 10, 2014
Rebecca Travnichek presented on the EGRET III experience, "EGRET: Exploring Global Resources Extension Training, Costa Rica."
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May 14, 2014
Tim Safranski presented, "Pigs have sex all over the world; or do they?
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April 9, 2014
Wendy Rapp (Flatt) presented, "Adventures and Agriculture in Iraq and Egypt, my Experiences as a Livestock Specialist."  Wendy Rapp is not your typical Livestock Specialist. Although she loves the Missouri beef cattle industry, she has always had a penchant for adventure.  Her love of adventure has taken her to Iraq and Egypt, where she helped women be more empowered and farmers be more productive.  Imagine going on farm visits in Iraq surrounded by 12 to 16 US Army soldiers, wearing body armor and arriving at your destination in an MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected) vehicle, how would you react when you got out and were suddenly surrounded by Iraqis wanting to know how you could help them?  Imagine going through Cairo and the Egyptian countryside and talking to farmers not only about their farms, but how worried they are about their country going into civil war? Imagine going to the University of Alexandria and talking to professors who desperately want to get the information they know about production agriculture to the farmers who want to be more productive; however, there is not a good way to get  information to the people that need it the most.  Learn something about the culture and a few of good things Wendy did while in these countries.    
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March 12, 2014
B.J. Eavy presented, "A 12-Year Journey Into the Unknown."  For a life-long learner, it's never too late to make that decision to step out of your comfort zone and live abroad in a developing country.  It will positively impact and change your perspective on life and the people of the world more than you can possibly imagine. B.J. went to Africa with the U.S. Peace Corps and stayed overseas for 12 years.
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Feb. 12, 2014
Cynthia Crawford - As a member of the first class of the Kellogg Leadership International Leadership Fellowship, the world was Cynthia Crawford’s classroom for four years – visiting emerging nations, as a learner, looking for hope. More recently she spent a month in Taiwan as a visiting scholar doing many presentations in central and southern Taiwan on rural tourism development. What are lessons for the U.S. from emerging nations? What are universal challenges for change agents around the world? …and what do you say when you do really dumb things in remote cultures? Oops!
Adobe Connect recording: Part 1 | Part 2
Please note: The recording was interrupted by a microphone glitch, so it's in two parts.

Jan. 8, 2014
Mary Leuci presented, "MU Extension and the Opportunities to Make a World of Difference."  Learn why international experiences are important for your work here in Missouri, and how they can enhance your career and your life.
Adobe Connect recording:  MU Extension and the Opportunities to Make a World of Difference

December 11, 2013
Ann Cohen, Instructor Study Abroad Programs and Linda Rellergert, Nutrition and Health Specialist presented, Bringing Home a Taste of the Mediterranean."
Adobe Connect recording: Bringing home a taste of the Mediterranean

November 13, 2013
Jo Turner, National 4-H Liaison, talked about her work developing 4-H programs in Africa, "My Global Journey - Confessions of a Late Bloomer."
Adobe Connect recording: My Global Journey

October 9, 2013
Sarah Hultine-Massengale presented, "Carry-ins, Croquette Monsieur, Pad Thai: Food Traditions in the U.S. and Abroad.”
Adobe Connect recording: Carry-ins, Croquette Monsieur, Pad Thai: Food Traditions in the U.S. and abroad

August 14, 2013
Jeremy Elliott–Engel, “Lessons for Extension from Around the Globe: Turkey, Costa Rica and Kenya.”
Adobe Connect recording: Global Connections

September 11, 2013
Gentrie Shafer, Livestock Specialist, participated in a Rotary International Group Study Exchange to Brazil earlier this year. 
Adobe Connect recording: Global Connections

July 10, 2013
Tish Johnson presented, "Connecting for Communities."  The University of Missouri has had a fruitful partnership with the University of Western Cape in South Africa for the past 27 years.  In 2009, Extension formally  joined the partnership, with the Community Development Program taking the lead.  In this presentation Tish described our shared history, how we’re working together, and our plans for the future. 
Adobe Connect recording: Global Connections 

June 12, 2013
Melissa Scheer presented, "Global Connections: 4-H There and Back
Adobe Connect recording: Global Connections