Committees 2019

Chair:  Meridith Berry
Members:  Tish Johnson, Sarah Hultine Massengale, and Mary Leuci

Professional Improvement
Chair:  Amy Patillo
Members:  Becky Mott, Dana Joerling, and Lynda Zimmerman

Chair:  Susan Mills-Gray
Members:  Donna Mehrle

Life Members and Retirees
Chair:  Karma Metzgar (retiree)
Members:  (vacant)

Courtesy and Memorials
Chair:  Georgia Stuart Simmons (retiree)
Members:  (vacant)

Chair:  Andrew Zumwalt
As per bylaws, the immediate past-president serves as chair
Members:  Kandace Fisher McLean

Recognition and Awards
Chair:  Sarah Denkler
Members:  Amy Vance, Kara Lubischer, Amy Patillo, and Lynda Zimmerman

Loans and Fellowships
Chair:  Todd Lorenz
Members:  Elaine Anderson, Randa Doty

Public Issues
Chair:  (vacant)
Members:  (vacant)

Global Issues
Chair:  Tish Johnson
Members:  Lydia Kaume, Melissa Scheer

Web Site Management
Tish Johnson