Life Times Newsletter

May/June 2002
Vol. 4, No. 3

Making meals enjoyable
when dining solo

Eating alone can dampen an appetite when someone is facing changes in lifestyle due to widowhood, divorce, or leaving home.

Eating meals together provides a warm, social interaction that isn’t there when you begin to dine alone. Here are some steps to boost your appetite and put joy back into mealtime.

Eat healthfully, but simply.

It is not necessary to prepare gourmet meals everyday, but do include the basics. A simple breakfast includes a dairy food, grain, and fruit.

Breakfast options:

Snack options:

Lunch & supper options:

Set the stage for pleasant dining:

[Source: Freezing Prepared Foods, Extension publication GH1505, University of Missouri Extension.]

Mary Schroepfer, MED
Nutrition Specialist

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University of Missouri Extension Editor: Roxanne T. Miller