Life Times Newsletter

March/April 2002

Mom, just write a check!

Do your children have only one clear understanding of money—how to spend it? Do you hear, "Mom, just write a check," when at the store? Children, as well as adults, need to learn the uses and values of money, along with the responsibility that comes with it.

By the time teenagers graduate from high school, we expect them to be ready to handle their finances. We hope they have all the knowledge needed to use money wisely, yet reaching adulthood with the insight and incentive to be a good money manager does not just happen.

It takes a commitment on the part of parents to raise their children with the knowledge, skills and motivation to maintain control of their financial resources.

To raise money-smart kids, try the following:

Parents who teach their children to manage money wisely give a priceless gift. Remember three hints to help your child:  patience, practice, and praise.

Sandra McKinnon
Consumer & Family Economics Specialist/
Warren County CPD

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University of Missouri Extension Editor: Roxanne T. Miller