Life Times Newsletter

Winter 2010
Vol. 12, No. 1



Growing vegetable and flower transplants


Starting seeds indoors permits you to select the varieties you like best, but pay attention to the following details. 

Growing medium A bagged, peat-based potting mix works best. Don't use garden soil.

Water Once watered, seeds must remain moist (but not saturated).

Heat Between 72 and 80 degrees F is best. A nearby heat source, such as an incandescent bulb, is often beneficial.

Light The average window will not provide enough light. To keep seedlings from getting leggy, place them under and right next to fluorescent bulbs that are meant for growing plants.

Timing Consult the Vegetable Planting Calendar at MU Extension's Website to know when to move them outdoors ( Once outside, protect them from extremes in temperature and moisture.


Contact:  Nathan Brandt, MS, Horticulture Specialist,





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University of Missouri Extension Editor: Roxanne T. Miller