Life Times Newsletter

Winter 2010
Vol. 12, No. 1


Eating well on a budget

With food costs rising during these hard economic times, it is often difficult to purchase good, wholesome foods while on a budget. Supermarkets today are filled with food
choices, but many of them are not so healthy.  With a little planning, it’s possible to purchase a variety of healthy foods and not go over your budget.  Here are a few suggestions.

• Make a shopping list.  If you stick to the grocery list, you are less likely to purchase items you already have. You are also less likely to forget any necessary food items.

• Review supermarket advertisements.  This helps ensure you are spending less by purchasing more items that are on sale.

• Don't shop when you are hungry! You are much more likely to make impulse purchases on less nutritious items that may cost more.  

By: Camila E. Fletcher, Dietetic Intern, Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Services, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Contact: Linda S. Rellergert, MS, Nutrition & Health Education Specialist,



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University of Missouri Extension Editor: Roxanne T. Miller