Life Times Newsletter

Summer 2009
Vol. 11, No. 3


Cool tips to stay active in summerís heat

Donít throw in your sweat-soaked towel and just sit in front of the air conditioner! Try these strategies to help you stay active in hot weather.

 Get out during the coolest timesóearly morning or later in the

 Drink plenty of water before, during and after activity.  This helps your body stay cool and hydrated.

 Wear loose, light-colored, airy clothing.

 Reduce intensity of your activity.  Go a little slower, or walk instead of jog.  Extend warm-up and cool-down phases. Spend less time on intense movement.  You can pick up the pace again once the weather is more moderate.

 Get wet. Swimming is an excellent activity, but there are more wet ways to stay active. Wading, canoeing, running through the sprinkler, water balloon fights are just the start.  Remember to
apply waterproof sunscreen before diving in!

 Move indoors to an air-conditioned facility like the
mall or a gym. 
Mall walking is easier to do before
stores open, when you might have to dodge strolling

 Play indoor games that involve movement, like bowling, ping pong, even Twister.

Contact:  Linda Rellergert, MS, Nutrition & Health Education Specialist,





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University of Missouri Extension Editor: Roxanne T. Miller