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The search is on for Century Farms in Douglas County. Has your farm remained in the same family for over 100 years? Then your farm is eligible. Read more Apply | 


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Scout Fields Now for Fall Armyworm

                                                                Photo credit: Bastiaan (Bart) Drees
"Fall armyworms have been found in portions of the area" 
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Missed the Aug. 17 drought survival meetings? View the videos and handouts below.                                       


Tips for livestock producers as they prepare to feed cattle through the fall and winter and improve pastures

Drought and poisonous plant resources

The ongoing dry weather raises risks in agriculture and horticulture. See help below.

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Livestock Fact Sheets

The Drought- Expensive Low-Quality Forage (PDF) 8/2/18
Drought Decisions (PDF) 7/20/18
Tough Times in the Livestock Industry (PDF) 7/11/18
Genetically Modified Organism and Genetic Engineering (PDF) 5/25/18
Heat Stress in Our Livestock (PDF) 5/22/18
Complementarity in Animal Grazing (PDF) 5/9/18
Review of Principles of Crossbreeding (PDF) 4/11/18
Planning and patience lead to better forage and cattle (PDF) 4/3/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part I (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part II (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part III (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part IV (PDF) 3/8/18
How to Calculate Break Even for Fed Cattle (XLS)
Getting the most out of your forage acres (PDF)
Quality Hay Production with High Fertilizer Prices (PDF)
Value of feeding Minerals to Beef Cattle (PDF)

Agriculture Programs (archive)