Sweiger Farms Donate Heifer

The Sweiger Farms of Weatherby, Mo, will donate a heifer to the winner of this year’s Grand Champion Heifer class at the Beef Show Tuesday evening at the Fair. In addition to picking out the heifer from the Sweiger Farms, the winner will receive $100 if they show the heifer at the 2020 fair.

Serving DeKalb County

Come check out our new DeKalb/Clinton County office located at 607 Lana Dr. Suite A in Cameron! If you have any questions on what MU Extension can do for you, just stop by or give us a call at 816-933-2138.


4-H specialist Debbie Davis and Steven Steiner coordinate the DeKalb 4-H clubs. They can be reached at the Clinton/DeKalb County Extension Center. For a list of 4-H clubs in DeKalb, see the 4-H page.   

Test Your Soil for Better Lawns and Gardens

Avoid excessive fertilizer use, and guard against nutrient loss. A soil test shows exactly how much lime and fertilizer a lawn or garden needs. Science-based, reliable analysis and unbiased recommendations let you escape hit-or-miss gardening and lawn care. Contact the Buchanan County Extension office today to find out how to collect a sample to bring in for analysis. The analysis is done at the University of Missouri Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory in Columbia at a cost of $20.

Get ready for next year's growing season by learning more about growing terrific tomatoes. Tim's Terrific Tomatoes.pdf 
You can also find the Horticulture Tip for October at:  http://extension.missouri.edu/nwhort/Hort-Tips-October2014.aspx

Private Pesticide Applicators Training

Individuals needing to obtain or renew their Private Pesticide Applicator certification for the purchase of restricted use pesticides may come into the Buchanan County Extension office and watch a 3 hour training video. The training is free of charge with the exception of purchasing the Private Pesticide Applicator Training Reference Manual at a cost of $12. Family members can share one manual. Call the Dekalb County Extension office, 816-933.2138, to schedule your certification or renewal.

Missouri Cash Rental Rates

Released August 2018 Missouri Cash Rental Rates PDF

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Your community classroom

MU extension is the University of Missouri's classroom in DeKalb County. We connect people to research-based education to enrich the quality of life and enhance the economic well-being of our communities. MU Extension-DeKalb County is your one-stop source for practical education and information on almost anything.

MU Extension partners with the DeKalb County Commission and other local organizations to provide education, information and services that meet people's needs. The elected and appointed members of the DeKalb County extension council provide guidance in identifying those needs to ensure that our educational programs are relevant, reliable and responsive.

Whether it's resources for yourself or your family, farm, business or community, we invite you to explore our website, call the DeKalb County Extension office, 816-933-2138, or email to learn how we can help you.

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