Missouri 4-H Project Leader Kit: Table of Contents

2017-18 Club Year


  • Project Leader Calendar (LG781)
  • 4-H Project Leaders (LG784)
  • Project Meeting Outlines (LG785)
  • Requently Asked Questions (LG788)
  • Proejct Leader Tips (LG787)


Additional Resources

  • Safety
    • Event Risk Management Plan (LG810)
    • Event/Activity Incident Report (LG811)
    • First Aid Kit contents (LG638)
  • Meetings
    • Project Meeting Attendance Form (Y644)
    • Group Project Report (Y641)
    • 4-H Project Record (Y620)
  • Experiential Learning
  • Demonstrations
  • Judging
    • Judging: 4-H Teaching Techniques (LG730)
    • Conference Judging (LG731)
    • Placing Card (Y1005) - Available to order through Extension Publications
    • Judging Card (Y1006) - Available to order through Extension Publications
  • Leadership and Development
    • Leadership Roles (LG780)
    • Ages and Stages of 4-H Youth Development (LG782)
    • Learning by Doing (LG783)
    • Letters to Leaders 4: Leadership and Training Techniques (LG904)
    • Letters to Leaders 5: 4-H Activities (LG905)

Project Leader Planning Calendar (PDF)


These items can be found at Missouri 4-H Resources and Forms